holger czukay





  november 17, 2001

    michael died unexpectedly today in his home while playing on his favorite instrument the guitar. in the last weeks we often had telephoned together in which he expressed how lucky he felt that our ways were crossing when he still was at school. in may 1966 i became a music teacher in the same school. and as i didn't have any professional training in this profession i gave a test lesson to that class where he was sitting as a pupil. the director told me to leave the room for a moment while he was speaking to the pupils what they were thinking of me becoming their teacher. michael told me later that he especially favored this idea which practically meant that i was earning a salary each month, my first - and last too. at that time he took some guitar lessons from me but frankly speaking i could at least learn as much from him as he could learn from me. after leaving the school we kept staying in contact roughly thinking what our future could become while working together on a piece by bix beiderbecker "in a mist" - a premonition to can's "mushroom". micki later commented this recording that it reminded him of the atmosphere in chicago during winter time and of "in a mist".

michael karoli

     last time we worked intensively together was on can's "rite time" album from 1987 till 89 which we both produced. about a month ago we phoned each other to arrange a video interview date where we wanted to go through our common history. he suggested to wait a bit longer as it would appear to him speaking out his final testament. thinking of his young children he tried to avoid this thought as they strongly needed the father.
     this afternoon i tried to confirm a date, a few hours too late. michael was the most intelligent guy of us all to say the least. and if you can get hold of the "rite time" cd play "in the distance lies the future". it probably reflects the old can myth best in this time.


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