africana  closed since june 30, 2000

update october 15 - 2000

it is intended to release the common result of africana on my new label dignose in spring 2001


update: june 1

after 4 months learning by doing some participants have succeeded in working out their own personal versions of africana and i edited them together into one of  ca. 17 minutes, an apparently rich style file being derived from a few elementary samples. i would like to see it released on a cd, so watch out!  it certainly has deserved it. but you already can download a special edited trailer of africana. will take you approx. 20 minutes. even if it is a rather large file of 6 mb it can be only recommended to listen to this first collaborational result of ours on the internet.

update: march 14

momentarily the "africana" team  consists of:

1.) odder
2.) su
3.) marc
4.) darren
5.) holger
6.) ray
7.) ola
we are complete for this project!                                       
                                                                                            animated picture by sobek

enough samples collected as it appears. now it's the turn to create a basic track, everybody one on its own. these tracks will later get edited into one common track which will function successively as the basis for everyone's overboarding fantasies...

february 15

we will first start on the rhythm track details. the mp3 files should get downloaded and the participants should try to create own rhythm files which can easily get synchronized with the original samples. these newly created files van of course stand for themselves and don't need to be mixed with the originals beforehand. 2 bars have a duration of exactly 3.0 seconds. when these rhythm units are created they will be uploaded again onto the server and the next step would be to create a basic track consisting out of the all the elements the team has created and collected.
enough for the time being. our audience can follow the progress by clicking  project I

date: february 4 - 2000

at the moment two different projects are on the way getting to be realized under continuing updates.


since the first moment this collabs idea came up quite a bunch of interested participants have shown their interest and on top of that some sent me already their start ideas. all i like to suggest is being not that stormy at the very beginning till the collaborating team is settled. i will put their names here and they also will receive the access to the mp3 files -though not to my already worked out version otherwise the surprise is gone. we also should keep up a common course in our work starting to look for "our" genuine sample worlds and as they have the same tempo they should run together with the african ceremony perfectly. later more details...

audio project "africana" under holger's direction based on a few samples from an african ceremony granted from the bbc. first you should listen to them and in case you feel having an idea or vision to get these samples transferred into something genuine you should write an email to: as i said before the 5 admitted participants should be able to work these samples out as enriched sound/rhythm files again and start building up a basic rhythm track with the enriched material of no more than 3 minutes. if we have 5 different rhythm tracks - all keeping the same tempo! - we start editing a final rhythm track out of these 5 and so on...
more details when the participants are signed up.

audio sample test files in real format mono:  project I


copyright by holger czukay, all rights reserved