updated august 14-2000

in fact it seems that such a video collaboration goes different ways than expected at the beginning. due to sobeks animations the whole project gets characterized especially by his work. see how it started with holger's info and how first steps turn out with sobek's notes to appear:  everest silent movie

updated march 28-2000

a video "shooting" has already started entitled "everest". it was a typical chat borne idea between our chat gangstas. sobek, a belgian artist and excellent painter began immediately to create a start file which turned out to be different from what i imagined and most important of all it set free loads of fantasies. at the moment it looks that everest is becoming a moving picture based on a mixture of animated gifs and real filmed footage. momentarily participants are:

1. colonel pepzhez
2. sobek
3. su
4. holger

a data bank is already installed, a sample can be seen at  everest


general information by colonel pepzhez:

The video collaboration project will involve the exchange of avi files via email. The final result will be transferred to Real Video format for online viewing purposes. (avi is the preferred format of exchange due to the fact that this file format is easily found on all video editing software.)

The working process for this project will be along similar lines to the music collaboration project: first, a story or theme will be announced (suggestions are welcome) and a group of collaborators will be assembled. avi files samples will be freely exchanged amongst the collaborative team. A  site will soon be established from which the collaborative team can upload and download video clips. Collaborators may contribute as much or as little footage as they wish, or no footage at all, for those who only wish to edit together existing video samples in an interesting manner.

Over the course of many conversations with Holger Czukay concerning the possibilities of web-based film, we both agree that it is best to concentrate on short, basic images and concepts: in effect, a "ground zero" approach to cinematic possibilities.

There are no strict rules about what is and what is not acceptable, but completed films should be no more than 3-10 minutes in length. Please do keep in mind that the completed work will be viewed in small format (160 x
120) Real Video, so we must work with the interesting restrictions (and freedoms) granted by this format, which, due to its small size and relatively low definition, highly detailed, elaborate images are obliterated. Instead, emphasis is at last placed fully back onto the basic strength of the images and their juxtapositions. Yes, we could work with  higher definition file formats, yet we choose not to. Rather than seeing this as a limitation, we instead reach for the disciplined freedom the 160 x 120 format offers.

I think that the internet format opens new possibilities within the area of  very short films that are neither
commercial advertisements or music videos. The films themselves can take any shape or form - narrative, abstract, silent, dialogue, animated, whatever. The only limit is one's imagination.

avi samples and examples will be made available soon. Please watch this space for future announcements. All those who wish to collaborate please contact me at colonelpepzhez@hotmail.comVID
[Real Producer Basic can be downloaded for free at: Real Producer Basic]
please check status in progress:  project I

copyright by holger czukay, all rights reserved