show me the way



uptodate participators: sobek and holger

updated august 31, 2000

the idea to start with this project came up with the meanwhile finished audio collaboration project "africana". sobek alias luc pilmeyer wanted to support the webpage with an african scene and so he delivered the passing by lions family. it became rather difficult for me to begin with a weird and funny crazy storyboard as I insisted on the few pictures we had at that time, all in red background color. but then I remembered the last fashion show where I was involved with the title "show me the way"...(to the next whisky bar), an old doors track. (see also visuals5 #42). strange coincidence, my webmaster drew sent me a picture of an old american bar from somewhere in the desert and it only needed a young girl to be named fatima and the miracle with the same name now revealed by the vatican. this project should become a continueing "soap opera" and we are waiting also for others contributing with ideas and with animation or soundtrack abilities.  show me the way

copyright by holger czukay, all rights reserved