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eintrag von tatzi am Fr, 28.11.1997 - 21:52:57
Sogar kleine Bären, die auf einem Müllberg in Vancouver leben, lieben Deine Seite.

Alles Liebe

Dein Tatzi

eintrag von SB am Do, 27.11.1997 - 19:58:01
Please come to my Krautrock MB - Thanks!

eintrag von Roger Schuring am Mo, 24.11.1997 - 02:11:56
Hi Holger,
Hope all is well. Glad to see your keeping up with the latest technology ! I'm on holiday in California at the moment. drop me aline some time.



eintrag von frank cairns am Fr, 21.11.1997 - 16:38:32
frankee can't get your chat to work (all machines standing still?). otherwise a fantastic site. i look forward to 'Movies' on cd. regards.

eintrag von marco am Do, 20.11.1997 - 17:56:35
Very good site.
And I want to express all my thanks to Can.
I knew them only this summer, and I'm not listening to anything else anymore!
Does anyone know where I can find some early Can lyrics?

eintrag von Daniel Prendiville am So, 16.11.1997 - 23:39:43
Thanks for all the years of enjoyment you've given me. The world needs more creative people like you!.

I'll put a link to your site in *my* web site DANIEL'S DEN -

Daniel Prendiville

eintrag von gvoon am Sa, 15.11.1997 - 09:24:30
alle gedanken dieser welt

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