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eintrag von Steve Griffiths am Di, 4.8.1998 - 07:46:49
been a fan for many years,been a musician for longer, currently working with australian madman legend louie burdett in a group making temporary music.i.e. it's only there while you hear it.
encountering surprising success despite the conservatism of many in the australian cultural landscape. the band is 'temperaries' we will be in europe next march.
i also know many promoters here keen to stage any performance of reformed Can, (the opera house perhaps?)for solid underground of real music fans.
maximum respect

eintrag von Edward Matthews am Mo, 3.8.1998 - 20:23:57
Just a short note to say thanks for speaking with Chris Twomey in the August issue of !*@#Exclaim! In the article, he mentioned a piece of music you released in 1987, "Rome Remains Rome." I am thinking of the selection where you sample the Pope singing in Latin. I heard that piece on a Montreal college radio station back in 1988. I have been haunted by it ever since. Finally, I know where to order. Danke!

eintrag von ELEKTROKULT am Mo, 3.8.1998 - 11:54:50
gvoon TV ist top. mehr davon. unser tape kommt demnaechst. ToB! von ELEKTROKULT

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Mo, 3.8.1998 - 11:51:22
hallo holger, nicht zuletzt auch wg. Dir gibt es unsere Gruppe. und elektronische musik ist vitaler denn jeh. ich schick Dir mal ein tape von ELEKTROKULT. have a good time ToB!

eintrag von Robin Deas am Di, 28.7.1998 - 20:54:05
Hello Holger - and this is truly the miracle of the internet, that I can send a message to Holger Czukay, whose music I have been listening to for the last 26 years. But if I knew where you lived I would have written a bit sooner!
I have a question - do you plan anything for Popkomm in Cologne this year?
Good luck and best wishes from Scotland.

eintrag von pepzhez am Mo, 27.7.1998 - 07:19:16
Oh, yes...good lord, we wonder: when does Holger ever sleep?!

eintrag von pepzhez am Mo, 27.7.1998 - 07:15:59
Hallo Holger! Thanks for the chat, however brief it was. Your site is the best there is, by far. As per the internet, gvoon and Holger are with it, so why isn't anyone else? Look forward to more chats and I hope that the mindmachine will be running again soon. Can't wait to hear those U-She CDs! Til next time...

eintrag von satan am Sa, 25.7.1998 - 18:11:52
septimus7 makes me nervous. can we make him disappear again? holger, you got a nice website. can we still have a chat on monday morning 3 a.m. german time? I'll show up there. See you there and bye for now.

eintrag von Tony Milosz am Sa, 18.7.1998 - 10:21:19
Thanks, Holger, this was one of the best RealVideos I've seen, great to see/hear you are making more and more stuff. It's also great to note that there's such a difference between slick shit and rough cool. Internet was just the medium you've been waiting for. We are out here, we appreciate. I'm going to look around some more, hopefully you have some short clips so a person can select which CDs to get.

eintrag von carsten aschmann am Mi, 15.7.1998 - 16:37:33
etwas verwunderlich der eintrag hier, aber lieber holger czukay
ist es möglich von Dir die Adresse von Irmin Schmidt zu bekommen.
Hab die hier im Internet verzweifelt gesucht. es ist nämlich so,
daß hier in hannover eine filmwerkstatt existiert, die nun ein
seminar richtung filmmusik und sounddesign organisiert, dafür
wollten wir irmin schmidt gewinnen. alles was wir haben ist eine
telefonnummer, ohne adresse. uner verein heißt sector 16, und
unsere rufnummer ist auch faxnummer lautet 0511-3520702. vielen
dank schonmal im voraus. grüße carsten von sector 16

eintrag von suki am Di, 14.7.1998 - 05:01:41
hello fom suki to czukay

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