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eintrag von odder am Do, 13.8.1998 - 22:22:23

Hi! I'm "Odder" - and I'm a composer too.
I'm proud to leave my mark here.
I like a lot of different music such as Morricone, Barry,
Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze, Corea, Godley & Creme, Dalis
Car, Art of Noise, Material, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel,
Zappa, Billy Cobham, U.K., Duet Emmo, Durutti Column,
Einsturzende Neubauten, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Eno,
Talk Talk, Sakamoto, ELP, Residents, King Crimson,
Procol Harum, Gentle Giant, Golden Palominos,
Jon Hassell, Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, Mallard, Keith
Jarrett, Florence Foster Jenkins, Little Feat,
Le mystere des voix Bulgares, Mussorgsky, Jens Hansen,
Pat Metheny, Power Tools, Robert Wyatt, Z'ev etc.
But still I'll say, that if I was headed for
the famous desert island, and if I was allowed
to grap ONE of my fantastic CD's, to bring with me,
it would be "On the Way to the Peak of Normal".

Best Wishes from Denmark
Per Odderskov

eintrag von Colonel Pepzhez am Mo, 10.8.1998 - 11:30:42
Dear Holger,

Just wanted to say that I love your bongo solos and I really can't stand Major Drew. On D-Day he turned traitor and ran off with Moses. Some nonsense story about bisexuals in the Balkans. I've known him for 44 years and he's always left the Colonel holding the bag while he just waxes philosophical about my former cabin boy, Banjo. Please ask U-She to put a curse on him.

Tomorrow in chat: Postwar studies and Better Living segment with Andrew.

eintrag von drew am So, 9.8.1998 - 08:56:23
dear holger,

Just wanted to say I can't stand your music, I can't stand this website and I can't even stand this guestbook. See you in chat tomorrow night......

PS: Long live the alligators, bongos and Bee Gees.

eintrag von Martin S. Pribble am So, 9.8.1998 - 03:08:57
Holger, thanks for your prompt reply to my guestbook entry.
Just writing to tell you that the site Sadness I In The Sky is now netscape friendly and is all working.

the URL is

eintrag von Colonel Pepzhez am Sa, 8.8.1998 - 06:47:00
To Holger, Drew and Andrew: The long debated title of the Czukay Country & Western album will be: DER WESTEN IST ROTTEN. Twang book and cola to Karoli in the post now. Over and out.

eintrag von Néondian am Fr, 7.8.1998 - 23:20:13
Hallo Holger,
Just want to say that I love your music and your webpage. Looking forward to more stuff from you...
Best Wishes,

eintrag von Martin S.Pribble am Fr, 7.8.1998 - 07:57:25
You don't know me but I've just finished making a page. It's a magazine called "Sadness Is In The Sky, and one of the featured articles in it is an interview which an Australian guy named Steve Cross did with you in 1996. It's a great article, and the magazine is of some worth!
Check it out if you have the time!

Please leave me some feedback if you like the article or would just like to comment.

eintrag von Pepzhez am Do, 6.8.1998 - 09:36:05
Colonel Pepzhez to Captain Czukay! URGENT! Albanian stronghold under siege. STOP. Will be hellfire in Rhineland come morning. This message will self-destruct.

eintrag von Derek McNeill am Mi, 5.8.1998 - 22:45:47
It was cool to find your site so that I could keep myself entertained and illuminated during my workday. Keep making those beats man. Peace.

eintrag von Charmutela de plush! am Mi, 5.8.1998 - 05:41:56
Hola po' Holger... Todo pasando con la Living-Room-Musik, cuando vengas a Chile te esperaremos en nuestro living, tendremos mucha cerveza y pepinillos, mucho chucrut. Cuando vengas ven con Damo para que pinte el mono. Todo esta tiki-taka.

Saludos afectuosos de MCHW, DRCH & PLTB, los reyes de la Living-Room-Musik.

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