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eintrag von Pat MOORE am Sa, 12.12.1998 - 23:38:42
I wrote to you way way back in 1973.Unlike most "rock" musicians of the time you made the time to write back.I have always remembered that,and I still listen to he great albums like "Future days".My Grandmother bought me that album- how cool can you get for a granny!I just want to wish you all that you desire,and may YOUR God go with you.
Thanks for many many hours of great music.

eintrag von Matthias Manske am Sa, 12.12.1998 - 22:29:24
Hallo Holger,
ich wollte Dir nur einmal sagen, daß ich
ein riesen Fan von Dir bin und bleibe so
wie Du bist.
Ich würde mich wahnsinnig freuen, wenn ich
einmal eine Mail von Dir bekommen würde.

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Do, 10.12.1998 - 20:55:20
Can has been an inspiration to me for over ten years. I play drums and love to plat along with your early CD's.


eintrag von Willi Frantzen am Mi, 9.12.1998 - 01:47:51
Hallo Holger,
da sind wir schon wieder. Kannst Du Dich noch an das Can Konzert in Stolberg am 12/06/1976 erinnern, Du hast doch ein Gedächtnis wie (Ex-)Bundeskanzler Kohl! Wir können uns jedenfalls sehr gut erinnern (echt!!). War mein 2tes Konzert, wirklich sehr nett.
Bis bald
Axel, Manfred & Willi

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Fr, 4.12.1998 - 13:38:13
Hi Holger,

since I listen to your sounds there is much influence of your
style floating into my music. Thank you for that.

I like to put two questions to you:

1. You acted in a movie about a piano-wonderchild, and you´ve been a wired music-professor. The main song was hit hit flop flop. Whats the name of this movie?

2. One Great Album of you I haven´t found on CD, it´s the one calles Snake Charmer. Can you help me?



eintrag von FLYING HEAD am So, 29.11.1998 - 06:15:53
sorry! hello2!!

eintrag von FLYING HEAD am So, 29.11.1998 - 06:14:46

eintrag von Nito am Fr, 27.11.1998 - 02:13:04
Once I wrote a silly story, and it was about a guy who traveled across a post-human world to rescue his son kidnapped by Czukay, a huge monster bird that kills for fun. Sorry for use your name...I never thought I would have the opportunity to tell you that... Exellent site! one of the good ones that I've seen.

A fan from Chile

eintrag von Adam Hammerman am Do, 26.11.1998 - 20:43:53
Hello Holger and gvoon... a lovely site you're putting together... I had a blast watching you perform with Dr. Walker in Chicago. If you ever want a cozy place to stay while traveling the United States... there's a place for you and u-she and even yo= in St. Louis. -Adam

eintrag von willi frantzen am Sa, 21.11.1998 - 00:44:18
Lieber Holger,
nette Website. Mein Kumpel, der gerade neben mir sitzt, hätte Dich in Köln mal beinahe überfahren. Musste echt besser aufpassen. Wäre schade. Du bist echt KLASSE.
Willi & Axel

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