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eintrag von Dominique Leone am Do, 31.12.1998 - 03:52:56
I don't know when I realized that Can's music was so special to me. I hope that you get pleasure from your music, because there is something in it that is very peaceful. Thank you for working so hard to release *your* music, and for having the courage to dedicate your life to it.

eintrag von Petur Eyvindsson am Mi, 30.12.1998 - 03:34:47
at this very moment listening to an excerpt from silent planes, very nice indeed.
greetings from vindva mei, pétur.

eintrag von alice by willi (at) am Di, 29.12.1998 - 22:27:09
hi holger,
nd9 ich nicht 9 bin anfadenge6&
oder was????
Wir sitzen hier gerade bei ein paar drinks & reefers
(gerauchte) & mußten an Dich (oder klein?)denken,
warum auch immer. So?Wieso!!
find deine platte sehr sehr schoen(-sehr) welche weiss
ich nicht prosit

eintrag von Familie Schuering am Mo, 28.12.1998 - 20:53:15
Wir sitzen gerade zusammen bei mir (Timo) zusammen
und nach einer Ladung Wein, Bier und Saft sehen wir
uns imstande, auch einmal bei Dir virtuellerweise

Wir wuenschen Euch Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr (macht
es bitte bitte nicht gleich am Anfang kaputt.)

Eure Fans

Ralf, Yean-Yi,Yu-wen,Frank und Timo

eintrag von Roger Schuring am Fr, 25.12.1998 - 20:40:54
Hi Holger,
Glad to see that the pills still aren't working !

Best wishes for 99'

Regards from the other Schuring family

eintrag von Stefan Wekler am Do, 24.12.1998 - 15:41:48
Sehr geehrter Herr Czukay,

ich interessiere mich für den Einfluss Stockhausens auf die Musik der 60er und 70er. Gruppen wie ihre CAN, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Cluster etc. haben interessante Improvisationen mit einer Improvistaionstechnik Stockhausens eingespielt. E. Fröse, Gründer von Tangerine Dream, bezeichnete das als "das Spielen von Sekunden". Können Sie mir zu diesem Thema helfen?

Viele Grüße und fröhliche Weihnachten

von Stefan Wekler, Bretten

eintrag von ant am Sa, 19.12.1998 - 10:22:10
kris hedges = ant = sundown = antennae

eintrag von kris hedges am Sa, 19.12.1998 - 10:13:52
there is i suppose, in some way, a sound that rushes through veins and into the capillaries and synapses of the sleeping minds. pull the shades tight, tighter, tightest until the lightcan be squandered and passed around the room and polished by greedy little hands. there is in a way some sort of refinement going on here i think but, don't hold me to that promise. it wasn't mine in the first place things can be so random, out of sequenced and automated like a beating of chest cavities ringing through the forests where apes can be found f*ck*ng and licking jagged rocks for spirit. for spite who can remember which anymore?

eintrag von Clara Gari am Fr, 18.12.1998 - 11:22:37
I guess this is not the usual way to do it but we are desperately in a hurry to find holger Czukay in order to study the possibility of inviting him for a Concert in Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona.
Our name is Orquestra del Caos and we are musicians and programmers associated to this center.
Please, contact us as soon as possible. This email is ok and also (but, until monday, better use .
Clara Gari

eintrag von ant am Mo, 14.12.1998 - 08:53:52
this way the waves look oddly familiar
and wonderous. with red cornsilked hair down to here.
this is the first of three the last of which will begin in
time killing time. they invented counting out of boredom and created the 1 and the 0 and then decided to make it all much more than that. then they died off just before they learned that it was a waitng room and their number was next.

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