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eintrag von pete lawson am Mi, 3.7.2002 - 00:19:20
Whilst writing this, I am listening to "Tago Mago" in awe; That album (literally) changed my life! Anybody know where I can get a copy of "movies" by the great man himself, as mine got nicked at a party...I NEED it bad!! Love the site, love the music........(but I cant speak German, unfortunatly!!)

eintrag von Project: Data Control am Fr, 28.6.2002 - 04:37:50
Great site!

eintrag von dadaBLUES JOE am Mo, 24.6.2002 - 11:52:12
ich gruesse dich/euch

eintrag von radiocitizen am So, 23.6.2002 - 11:08:50
I was very sad to hear of the passing of Michael Karoli. We got the news in Australia months after the event. He will never be forgotten.


eintrag von Noel Jones am So, 16.6.2002 - 19:52:23
Hello, I've been listening to Can for many years and there always seems to be something new lurking in the layers of sound. I was very sad to hear of the death of Michael Karoli and would like to send my sympathies to his family, friends and companions in music.
Noel Jones, Blue Fuses (band), England.

eintrag von Masahiko am Fr, 14.6.2002 - 23:04:20
I am the fan over 20 years of CAN.
I saw your live at Osaka in last April.
And I am very glad to have understood that feel the peculiar bass line of CAN (although you didn't play bass).
Thank you for your great music.

Then, please take care about the body.

eintrag von conny am Mo, 10.6.2002 - 18:28:57
reg. your recollection of the history of Can, and the records you made together. Why is it that you/can always seems to forget "out of reach".
Ok! Its not a good album! Far from it! But you made it! :-)

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