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eintrag von Michael Jungbluth am Mo, 30.12.2002 - 20:16:22
Hallo Holger,
für die reichhaltige Ssammlung und Bereitstellung Ihrer Visuals danke ich ganz herzlich! Eine Schatzsammlung!
Ihnen auch einen angenehmen LiftOff ins Jahr 2003 - und weiterhin Produktivität.
Herzliche Grüße,
Michael Jungbluth

eintrag von EMAIL_V am So, 22.12.2002 - 12:23:05
Dear Holger,

I'm writing a 128-page book - Painting with Sound: the life and music of Hans Joachim Roedelius, to be published in 2003. (Joachim is co-operating with it.)

A section in the middle of the book, invites musicians and writers around the world - from Brian Eno to Harold Budd - to choose a favourite Roedelius album and describe in 150 words why - personally and musically - they like it.

Would you be kind enough to offer a quote too? I know Joachim would appreciate it.

If so, I will send you a copy of the book as a "thank you". You can contact me via email: or fax: +44 20 8882 7851 or by post: 48 Meadway, London N14 6NH, England

Many many thanks,
Stephen Iliffe

eintrag von vicky24 am Do, 5.12.2002 - 00:34:19
... eine Wundertüte ist nichts dagegen :-)))
Somit dürfte auf ein Neues erwiesen sein, dass Kreativität im auditiven Bereich auch visuell durchaus umsetzbar ist.
Liebe Grüße von Vicky24

eintrag von dan am Mo, 2.12.2002 - 17:44:35
hi im from england and think your great, im only 20 but my dad has ll the can cds and he saw you a few times in london and at uni, i was wondering if u or any other of the ex can members are ever touring again in england, i know i missed some of band recently and a gig in leeds

eintrag von hans gressler am Di, 26.11.2002 - 16:55:27
lieber holger,
danke für das wunderbare und humorvolle konzert im gloriakino köln. ich bin seit 26 jahren bassist und o-tonjäger. ohne die musik von can und deinen lp und cd veröffentlichungen würde ich heute vermutlich nicht mehr so intensiv musik machen. also nochmals danke, gesundheit und inspiration "for the future days".

eintrag von stewart am Sa, 23.11.2002 - 22:43:56
hi, just read the report of gdansk gig....sounds like you had a fantastic time...i love re-visitng places from my childhood...i am lucky, i can go quite must have been a very special time for you...

eintrag von Carol Wade am Sa, 23.11.2002 - 19:14:39
I just turned 28, and have played bass guitar for 11 years. One year ago around now, MK passed, and I am still hurting from it. I played classical violin for 10 years in my youth, but got swept away by rock 'n' roll...I now play bass in a psychedelic noise band called The Space Program, and am also a turntablist-in-training. Herr Czukay: when oh when will you play for your fans in New York City?! I was very glad to read about your show in Gdansk; very touching. Thank U-She for such inspiration, and thank you for always laying stones on the tracks!

eintrag von Frank Morris am Do, 14.11.2002 - 16:30:33
was lucky that a friend of mine was sending me a copy of your tv appearence in ARTE TV which I enjoyed very much! Thank you and also U-She for your great music! Hope to see more of it in the near future.

Best wishes from San Francisco

eintrag von Satch Watanabe am Mo, 8.7.2002 - 20:00:15
Hello Holger, A small record company in Japan that I am working for is intersted in receiving some licenses from you and would like to know which record company owns the rights to Moving Pictures. Can you please email me about this. Thank you.

eintrag von J am Fr, 5.7.2002 - 22:52:09
Holger, did you know, In my country, the right party is using "You Do Right" ( the remix, from sacrilege CD , the piano part),

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