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eintrag von Drew K am Mo, 29.12.1997 - 06:51:14
you do... you do right... Thanks to an obscure radio station,
TRIAD, in Chicago, Ill. I was introduced to CAN back around 1971.
I will forever remember that magical time when reel to reels, 8-tracks, and good ol' black vinyl was the norm..... BUT I press forward with my musical interests today.... Miles Davis once said, "Do you know why I don't play ballads anymore? Because I love to play ballads so much....." But my past makes my present and Krautrock was an important part of it. Unfortunately, I recently had a fire at my home which claimed many of my old vinyls.... So it goes.... I look forward to Future Days... thanks for the music that help shape my life.... ;)

eintrag von klaus vom bruch am Fr, 26.12.1997 - 12:54:33
lieber holger link gelegt,
herzlich kvb
check it out ;-)

eintrag von Jim Todd am Mo, 22.12.1997 - 12:27:14
HC's work has been an inspiration to me for 15 years. I wish
him creativity and joy for eternity. But one thing: please,
no releases only on Internet! at least not till technology
has completely conquered the world. Old-fashioned CDs still
have their uses. PS Any musicians in Poland who revere HC's
work, please get in touch, I'd like to collaborate. Mowie
po polsku. Ich sprach vor funfzehn Jahre Deutsch aber jetzt
nichts. MErry Xmas & & Happy 98.

eintrag von klaus vom bruch am Mo, 15.12.1997 - 22:04:20
gruss aus der 2 etage hoffe bald hier unterm tannenbaum ein sit- in.

eintrag von Sam Adams am Mo, 15.12.1997 - 19:35:40
Hola. Jambo. Jawohl. Eine kleine "ball of wax" pour les autres.
Gracias. Merci. Salud. Jah Wobble Ras Ta Far I. Spin the
long way. Write the foreign side. Full on. Gormod o gerdd
ar y We -- sgrifennwch ar y rhif yn dawel. Cheers.

eintrag von Makar Masterov am Mi, 10.12.1997 - 22:48:23
I'm glad to find this page and glad to find Can alive.

eintrag von Andrew Paine am So, 7.12.1997 - 23:19:20
I'm glad to see you have a web page.
I'm glad to see you have a web page.
I see you as the Jean Dubuffet of sound painting; raw, primal, intuitive,and with infinire depth of beauty.
Please post mor about the Can festival in Berlin. When and where will it be? I would fly in from the United States (Although I dont really have the money to afford it) to see the shows.
also post more about the The Rock and Roll hall of fame . Will Can Play, and When?

eintrag von Ian Price am Sa, 6.12.1997 - 00:05:51
First of all, thank you Holger for your many years of fantastic music. I love everything from Cam, and all your solo work that I have(Rome Remains Rome, Canaxis) is spectacular.
Great site, also! I have yet to find an equally entertaining site.
My dinky site is at if you feel like checking it out.

eintrag von Bruce Hollihan am So, 30.11.1997 - 22:36:15
Sehr Geehrter Herr Czukay!

Dieses Brief wird in vielen Gesprache gescrieben. English is my best language, so you will get some of that, too.

Je vous remercie for all of the good sonic work over the decades. I and many others have benefitted to some degree from that work. That, plus your good heart and sense of humour, make it all a very nice package.

I'm quite impressed with "Sacrilege". The experiment that took place dabei shows the durability of Can's material. Good music, like Bach, never gets alt.

So much for now, I'll be looking forward to revising your webplatz.


eintrag von Michael F.P. Huber am Sa, 29.11.1997 - 20:33:38
Lieber Holger!
Höchste Zeit daß ich mich hier verewige - meistens verpassen wir uns im Chat, aber ein Aufenthalt in diesen Gefilden ruft bei mir
jedesmal eine "Gemüthsergötzung" hervor! Möge das neue Chatsystem
bald ausgereift und eine gute Grundlage für geistreiche Gespräche sein!
Michael aus Wien

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