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eintrag von Colin Daly am Do, 16.1.2003 - 17:59:49
Hi there,

I first stumbled onto Can when I saw a second hand copy (idiot first owner!) of Ege Bamyasi selling for £1 in Dublin, Ireland in 1976. I asked to hear it - and bought it after about 4 seconds!! I bought everything that I could over the next few years - but never met anyone else who had heard of them (I guess Dublin was a musical backwater)
I was so pleased when I found that other bands that I admired like the buzzcocks and the fall were Can fans. I played in a band for a while and learnt to drum trying to copy Jaki's beautiful swirling rhythm (without much success alas)
Anyway, I'm still listening after 26 years - and I would still describe can as my favorite band and that moment in the record shop as my most sublime musical experience

So thanks for that


eintrag von vincent cauwels am Sa, 11.1.2003 - 18:59:14
Hi Holger,
I'm Vincent, 22 years old and from Belgium. Maybe you remember me, 'cause we've met before at the Gloria Theater in Köln, where we had a little talk (I have a beautiful photo of that meeting!) after your soundcheck in the afternoon.
I'm looking for the first song you played in Köln ("Biomutanten"), but I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me, please?

ps: I'm looking forward to hear your new cd! I really like the last one, "time and tide".

eintrag von spacelook am Fr, 10.1.2003 - 13:35:20
Habe nach langer Zeit mal wieder Deine Seiten angeschaut und bin schwer begeistert. Das hier ist eine beispielhafte Homepage.
Mach weiter so!!!!!!!!

eintrag von Agustin Criollo am Di, 7.1.2003 - 14:43:40
Hi Holger!!

I am an independent composer-performer of experimental rock from Puerto Rico just checking your homepage out. The first 5 records from Can are a great influence on my work as well as other contemporaries of yours like Amon Duul 2, Schnitzler, Schulze, Froese, agitation free, Popol Vuh, Neu! etc. and I just wanted to tell you how important your music has been to me for the past 20 years.
I only wish I can be as alive as you are now when I turn 64.

Please feel free to visit my homepage and listen to some mp3's. It'll be a great honor for me.

glückliches neues Jahr und beste Wünsche;


eintrag von Rüdi am Sa, 4.1.2003 - 13:06:52
Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute und viel Gesundheit extra für das neue Jahr 2003. Mach weiter so!
Hoffe noch viel von Dir zu "hören"!
Rüdi aus Berlin

eintrag von Lutz Wernicke am Sa, 4.1.2003 - 02:48:10
Hallo Czukay-Fans, hello can-ish musicians!
Und hallo lieber Holger! ....
Drummer wanted, who at least knows, who Jaki Liebezeit is. Und zwar for a bandproject in Berlin. Kind of „JJ-Cale-2003“/in a can-ish sound/ enhanced by SPACEVIOLIN. Can anybody imagine, how it feels? Anybody out there?
Feel free to kontakt:
Best wishes to all of You'll....

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Fr, 3.1.2003 - 15:46:02
Dear Holger,

I am also a turntablist-in-training. I am learning the intracacies of the machine one piece at a time, just like the young Liszt, whose poor father, as we know, had to buy the young boy a piano on the installment plan - two white keys and one black one every other month.

I too am very poor and unskilled, so I am beginning with just a rusty old Victrola tonearm and an old Bing Crosby 78. It is very difficult to hold the tonearm in one hand and spin the record at a constant rate with the other hand. The acoustic sound horn I wear as a hat on my head for two reasons: 1) I still fear electricity, and 2) I like to kick it old skool, even if the club kids laugh at me and kick me and call me nasty names like "His Master's Voice" behind my back.

I am hoping to make enough money with my DJ gigs to afford the turntable itself and maybe another Bing Crosby record. Or better yet, could you please ask your fans to send me money so I can afford a spinning platter? My hand gets too tired after spinning that 78 for an hour, and then I no longer have the needed strength which is then necessary to fight back when the kids begin to hit me. It is very hard to be an artist, as you may be aware.

eintrag von Ullip am Di, 31.12.2002 - 09:26:56
Hallo Holger, Dir alles Gute für 2003 und möge der Elektrolurch mit uns sein.
Schau doch mal vorbei, es gibt neues zu sichten.

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