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eintrag von Eric am Mo, 18.8.2003 - 08:05:48
To add to Rudy's offer, I would be willing to offer you the services of my band as a pick up band for any performance you may have in Detroit, free of charge. We are all trained in Jazz and have a love of the avant garde. Either for improvisation or planned and rehersed works.

eintrag von rudy am Fr, 15.8.2003 - 17:21:30
greetings holger:
I have picked up the hypnotizing rays from eric. I have a music series at the Detroit Institute of Arts. We have an exhibition of modern/contemporary art from the Daimler Chrysler (mostly Daimler) collection originating in Germany. It starts in October and goes through January. I would be interested in a performance by you during the run of the show. Roedelius was here this past December as part of an exhibition of art created using indeterminacy and chance operations in their creation. Christian Marclay performed with his DJ Trio ensemble as well. It was all very random. My concerts take place on the First Friday of each month. It's possible, if it times out right, that we could do the performance in our room with an amazing Diego Rivera mural, which would create quite an atmosphere. If there is any way to coax you to Detroit I need to know . Now go back to sleep ...

eintrag von Eric am Do, 14.8.2003 - 19:56:21
Oh yeah, come to America/Detroit. I forgot that part.
~~~~~~~HYPNOTIC RAYS~~~~~~~~~
YOu are getting sleeeeeepy! You are asleep/ WHen you arise you will begin tour plans for AMerica. and include Detroit. And you will cluck like a chicken. 1,2,3... WAKE UP!

Now get busy planning your American tour!

eintrag von Eric am Do, 14.8.2003 - 19:51:22
We desperately need intelligent music here. You can stay at my house. I'll heat up a TV dinner for you and show you the cheese shop down the street, then we can toast marshmallows.

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Mo, 11.8.2003 - 17:21:01
Sorry, my name is Harvey, forgot to say that. Hang loose.

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Mo, 11.8.2003 - 17:19:56
Hollywood Symphony changed my life.

eintrag von jan am Do, 7.8.2003 - 18:28:38
Bin durch Zufall (gibt´s sowas?) auf Deiner HP gelandet und habe gleich mal entsprechende Tonträger aktiviert.
Schön! und was für eine erholsame Abwechselung vom einfallslosen x-fach- Gesample allüberall....

Lasse mal ´ne Adresse da, denn es soll ja ein Nehmen und Geben sein, oder?



eintrag von olaska am Do, 7.8.2003 - 01:10:58
matter of time.. bless you

eintrag von manu am Sa, 2.8.2003 - 17:51:14
hallo.ich bin auf der suche nach tramaltropfen.zahle sehr gut.

eintrag von carlos am Sa, 26.7.2003 - 00:38:04
dear Holger,
i wonder whether you've got photos from SKIF in Berlin. I've sent it to Tina on 6th, there was no answer.
i still got 'em.


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