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eintrag von pavel borodin am Fr, 30.1.1998 - 04:21:49
it was very pleasant to find this site, 'cause i'm listenin' now to "rome remains rome". it's very cool! thank you, holger.
you can visit pan records' homepage at

eintrag von Yury Sokolov am Mi, 28.1.1998 - 18:01:44
Many Thanks for Spoon re-issued early Can albums, but I cannot find "Tago Mago", "Soundtracks" albums.

eintrag von mike veneziale am Fr, 23.1.1998 - 22:46:07
thank you for making excellent music all of these years. i am listening to Tago Mago right now and it always lifts my spirits is a very transcendental album for me. nice web page, too.

eintrag von Dave Howard am Di, 20.1.1998 - 09:30:24
picked up tago-mago at the wherehouse in the used cd bin.
haven't stopped listening.
last night's sleep.only to repeat.

eintrag von EMAIL_V am So, 18.1.1998 - 15:46:20
Just cruisin' today. Thought I might chat, but nobody home.
Pleasure to run accross your site. I look forward to stopping around again.

eintrag von ChrisB am Fr, 16.1.1998 - 01:04:22
we all know that holger is the master of the magical, why else would we be here?

XXXXXX a big fan for thirty years

eintrag von irmin wiechmann am Mi, 14.1.1998 - 00:08:59
hi holger, hi u-she,

i just wanted to say hello and that it is a pleasure to surf through your site.

thanks for the chat.


eintrag von Mark Farley am So, 11.1.1998 - 03:43:10
Hello, Holger!

What a pleasant surprise to see that you have your own Web page!
I've had several of your records for about 10 years, as well as
the CD that Virgin issued, that has all of _Rome Remains Rome_
and excerpts from _Der Osten Is Rot_. In my opinion "Perfect
World" is one of the wildest, funniest songs in existence. Any
time I play it for an unsuspecting victim, they always freak out!
"Music In the Air" is also one of my favorites. Very well done!

By the way, I must confess that I don't know the meaning of the
words *überschrift*, *eintrag abschicken*, or *formula zurüchsetzen*. I guess I'd better get myself a good German-English dictionary!


eintrag von Robin am Fr, 2.1.1998 - 23:53:11
I saw one of your concerts in 1974 at Sussex Uni. I rode there
on my moped with your nephews Roger and Ralph (mouth) I thought
you were great, and the pollen was good!! Hope you have a good one, see you, or hear you soon,

From Robin E Stephensburg.

eintrag von Fernando am Di, 30.12.1997 - 21:48:28
I've only recently been introduced to Czukay's great music.
So I was wondering if anyone could recommend anything along
the lines of 'traum mal wieder". I love that song!


eintrag von Greg am Di, 30.12.1997 - 05:05:18
Your legacy will live on, and if I have kids I will make sure they become fans, and their friends become fans.

eintrag von Sean O'Keefe am Di, 30.12.1997 - 04:56:24
you are the best, Mr.Czukay!!!

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