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Linus  email   (May 31st 2004, at 2.08 )
Great to see all those happy, smiling faces from your recent US-tour! But... when will I get the chance of seeing MY and others smiling faces from a scandinavian tour? I certainly hope one is in the works... Many thanks for the music, Holger. Keep those magic sounds a' comin'!
coffin  email   (May 31st 2004, at 0.00 )
A belated welcome to HOLLYWOOD Holger, land of plastic und plasma, flesh and bones. Great show! Missed U-She. Maybe next time?
To Holger     (May 29th 2004, at 14.08 )
a true psychodelic mad man you always have been and always will be BEYOND...(finish that however you like).
Thank you for the ART. Nice to hear a little Jaki and Michael Karoli in there...
Harry  email   (May 29th 2004, at 10.52 )
Greetings Herr Czukay!
Just wanted to say that I saw your show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and that my friends and I had a wonderful time seeing your one-man performance. We also enjoyed your stand-up comedy interludes. I hope that you will post photographs from the tour on your website. Also, sorry for all the bad hotels and XXX pornography houses in San Francisco. Please come back to the Bay Area again someday. Best regards, Harry
John  email   (May 29th 2004, at 7.55 )
It is nice to see you performing live again. Any chance of a concert in the UK. It would be nice to see you before we get to heaven. It is there I am actually going to wait to see Can.

chris weldon  email   (May 22nd 2004, at 12.38 )
It was great to see and hear you in Cleveland the other night. Thanks for being there.
For thirty years a fan and only now have I been able to see you. Chris
robert  email   (May 20th 2004, at 17.55 )
The L.A. show was great. It was an honour to meet Holgar after the show.
robert  email   (May 17th 2004, at 23.10 )
I am looking forward to the L.A. show.
CultJam  email Homepage  (May 12th 2004, at 15.43 )
i'm excited about the show tomorrow night in Cleveland! hey, i was wondering if anyone here can answer this question that we here are all wondering: is holger coming with a band or is it solo? i've got some friends who are broke and unfamiliar with Can, etc and i have no idea what to say about this tour. i know i will be there, but.. you know how it is when you have no money and would like more info about something before shelling out the dough.
i see from the last post that i am in for something special.
thanks for your help!
p.s. if anyone gets this and can respond before thursday afternoon 5/13, that would be cool!
cemego  email Homepage  (May 7th 2004, at 6.51 )
Holger, thank you for a WONDERFUL show in Baltimore, Maryland May 7 (thursday). We were overwhelmed with the entire performance. MORE than the money's worth. Thank you for being so gracious to sign and have pictures taken. I brought 6 friends along that evening. 3 of which were serious fans. I believe you converted the other 3 that night! Great show! We've been waiting for years. PLEASE COME BACK!!!
Lauren Henderson  email   (April 30th 2004, at 6.08 )
Hi Holger, an amazing night in Aberdeen last night hearing Irmin and Kumo play CAN - I saw Jaki and Jah Wobble here a few years ago and Damo last month - are you planning on giving us the extreme pleasure of hearing you play, wonderful musician man?
John  email   (April 28th 2004, at 14.05 )
Enjoyed a public showing of the "Can DVD" at the Edinburgh Filmhouse this evening. Irmin was there in person for a Question and Answer session. Ah! The Can concert in Edinburgh in 1974 - I remember it well!
Eric  email   (April 27th 2004, at 16.05 )
I apologize in advance. I'll be at your show in Detroit, standing next to the stage, screaming like a teenage girl at a 1964 Beatles show.
Frank   email   (April 21st 2004, at 13.00 )
Finally got round to buying 'Movies' on CD as my vinyl is rather worn and my record deck has been out for a while. It still stands up as a true classic - not one wasted note on the whole CD. I hope U-She is recovering. Best regards.
Lutz  email   (April 15th 2004, at 10.35 )
Hallo Holger !
Deinen Umzug zu beobachten, ist fast wie Reality-TV... Was packt er als nächstes ein???
Wann läuft denn Deine Webcam wieder? Bin gespannt, wie Du Dich im Inner Space einrichtest. Der Entwurf von U-She sieht ja schon sehr vielversprechend aus. Und wann kann man Genaueres über Dein Vorhaben ONLINE-STUDIO erfahren? Ein Thema, das mich brennend interessiert...
Ich wünsche Dir viel Energie beim Einrichten und für Deine anschließende US-Tour.
Ciao Ciao
????????  email Homepage  (April 10th 2004, at 15.46 )
franklin  email Homepage  (April 7th 2004, at 16.12 )
I see from the Faust-list that you are touring in the states and I so wish that you could come to Seattle was a fantastic show last time....perhaps between Chicago and SF?????
I'm from Cleveland--I'll let my cohorts know you might be there.....
the wulf  email   (March 25th 2004, at 22.53 )
sexx jahre in lost angeles---wow !! ...jamming with everybody and painting my ass off hoffentlich sehen wir uns mitte mai in hollywood gruesse an jaki--- perdurabo !!! der wolf

Devid  email Homepage  (March 17th 2004, at 17.41 )
Nils Westphal  email   (March 11th 2004, at 1.32 )
Salut Holger, eine kurze Frage: hast Du eigentlich noch Kontakt zu David Sylvian? Hintergrund: Ende 2004 startet hier in Berlin im "Hamburger Bahnhof" ein sehr engagiertes Symposium "Weltalltagsgipfel" startet, bei dem auch das Schaffen von David Sylvian höchst interessant sein könnte. Nur ist ja die Kontaktaufnahme zu ihm alles andere als leicht ... Schöne Grüße aus Berlin, Nils
Peter  email Homepage  (March 5th 2004, at 14.44 )
Some years ago I acquired a copy of a piece of music, about the time of the first WOMAD festivals, which I've played over the years to boost my spirits. I had no idea what it was or who it was by. The tape was getting somewhat chewed and I thought it would fail before I could identify it. This morning (5th March 2004, 20.42 Japan time) I thought I'd phone my friend Dorothy in Japan to have a chat. While we were talking I suddenly heard in the background this very same piece of music I'd been trying to identify for two decades.

"What's that music in the background?" I asked.
"I don't know, its the radio" she said, "Radio-i" (a local radio station in Nagoya she'd just been telling me about because a New York taxi driver who was a would be pop star had given her a sample CD of his work and she had emailed Mark Bailey, one of the english DJs on Radio-i and he had agreed to broadcast it, but that's another story. She says they often play things you'd never hear anywhere else.)

"Well, can you listen to see who they say it is afterwards?" I asked.
"No," she said, "this programme is in Japanese." It turned out there was no one in the workshop with her as her assistant, Sanae, had gone home.
"Ring Sanae at home and ask her to put the radio on," she said. (This piece of music lasts about 6 minutes...) So I rang Sanae.
"Mushi-mushi," she said. "Mushi-mushi," I said, "this is Peter, Dorothy's friend".
"Peter-san?" said Sanae. Anyway, after what seemed like forever I got her to put the radio on at Radio-i, and it was still playing, so I left her to listen to it, and Dorothy rang her afterwards and she said it was called "Persian Love". I did a search on the internet and soon found it, and listening to a sample of a few seconds on Amazon confirmed it. So now I can get a pristine new version!

tomek  email   (March 3rd 2004, at 17.05 )
hey guys. i'm looking for a holger album that is entirely instrumental. i LOVE moving pictures, but the vocals seem to pull me right back from the trance like state the album can put me in.

Klauzs Senior  email Homepage  (February 19th 2004, at 10.37 )
Bill Meyer  email   (February 17th 2004, at 17.39 )
Hello Holger, Bill from Chicago here. I've been enjoying The New Millenium, and I hope to encounter you in Chicago when you come the USA in May.


herr-k  email   (February 13th 2004, at 8.25 )
dear herr czukay,
just a short question about your new album. do you have mastered it digitally or analog?
I cannot decite whether i order the cd or lp.
on my opinion vinyl only makes sense with analog mastering.

what about a 'linker niederrhein' tour? ;-)

see you there

gyrofrog   Homepage  (February 6th 2004, at 10.16 )
Greetings, Holger! What's this about a U.S. tour? I live near Washington D.C.
jan torresen  email   (February 4th 2004, at 5.31 )
Hi Holger,
I'm putting together a compilation called "Cosma Nova" and I need to clear a track by you called "Cool In The Pool". Can you pls. contact me via e-mail and I will give you all the details you need. Cheers Jan
Onkel Wolfgang  email Homepage  (January 29th 2004, at 9.42 )
Moin Holger,
hab mir gestern Eure DVD Zusammenstellung gekauft. Jaaa dat isset!!! Dat Dingen wird wohl erstmal mein 'Inside Home' Begleiter für die näxte Zeit sein. Vielen Dank an Euch. Wann holst du das gekänzelte Konzert von HH nach? Ich bin ja so selten am Rhein. Ein herzliches Moin aus Flensburg vom Wolfgang
Stewart  email   (January 25th 2004, at 13.23 )
ah, deadline in UK also !!! congratulations on the Can dvd....this will keep me intrigued for a long time
andy king  email   (January 21st 2004, at 7.22 )
Hi Holger

just wanted to say thanks for the music, for notes that you played and the ones you didn't.

All the best

Erik  email   (January 16th 2004, at 5.08 )

Got a new sound setup and threw in Linear City; ooh la la Boom Boom! It was wonderful and oh so spatially tasty.

Best Regards from Colorado,
Erik Deitesfeld
Shinji  email   (January 8th 2004, at 8.28 )
Dear Holger,

I hope to listen your new sounds and to enjoy your live in Japan again.

Sorry about my poor english.
Cheers from NIPPON.
vicky  email Homepage  (December 31st 2003, at 1.42 )
Lieber Holger,
zum Glück, dein Gästebuch funktioniert wieder.
Möchter dir an dieser Stelle sagen: Rutsch gut rein und mögen sich deine Pläne und Wünsche im Jahr 2004 erfüllen.
Liebe Grüße von Vicky aus Dortmund
betty  email   (December 29th 2003, at 15.48 )
hi holger..

hope all's well for the new year coming.. misses and kisses from frizko.. i'll be touring a bit in FEb. in EU.. let me know if cologne wants a dance party from america to come to town.. would be nice to zee u and ushe.. hope she's in better health.. xoxoxo beautiful little betty from san fran disco~
Colin  email Homepage  (December 26th 2003, at 8.49 )
Hi Holger, I bought myself the Can DVD for Christmas and I am really enjoying it.
Best wishes, Colin, Big Block 454. (Manchester, UK)
vincent (belgium)  email Homepage  (December 25th 2003, at 6.05 )
merry christmas holger and u-she...
lovely can dvd. i also enjoyed your tracks on the audio-cd.
herr k  email   (December 24th 2003, at 16.36 )
if there really is...
he/she/it has rang my bell(s).

regards 'n' greetings
vom linken niederrhein


Ton  email   (November 17th 2003, at 8.12 )
Hi Holger,
I was very pleased to have the chance to see you at Crossing Border.
However, I became very confused when I realised that virtually everything I heard was pre-recorded, even your own vocals.
This was a great achievement, because I think it's more difficult to mime your music instead of a real live performance.
travis  email Homepage  (November 16th 2003, at 11.46 )
hi holger, just wanted to say congratulations on all of your success and thanks for the great music. i'm looking forward to the Can DVD. if you want to do an audio "drop" for my college radio show (hi this is holger czukay and you are listening to....) let me know by email!
Vicky  email Homepage  (November 16th 2003, at 1.59 )
Dein neues Gästebuch ist echt klasse.
Bin gerade erstaunt, dass es auch Leute gibt, die "Peak Of Normal" kennen.
Liebe Grüße aus Dortmund
Marcel     (November 14th 2003, at 16.05 )
22 years after having bought "On the way to the peak of normal", I finally saw you performing live at the Crossing Border in The Hague for the very first time.
And I loved every single minute of your performance. It has been worth the wait.
holger   Homepage  (November 10th 2003)
after facing a lot of complaints due to unbearable entries into the old guestbook this is a first attempt to sort things out. Hope you don't mind to continue sending your entries with your personal oppinions.

holger czukay
drew  email Homepage  (November 10th 2003)
Welcome to the new guestbook. This may not be the final version used, but many difficulties with the previous version has prompted Holger to change things. Shortly an archived section will be available to view posts made to the old system.


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