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timflatus  email Homepage  (September 14th 2004, at 16.39 )
Great site. I spent ages looking at it. Couldn't get a lot of the Realplayer clips to work, probably not compatible with my GNU system.

My pointless god-i'm-such-a-fan wish is that you make an album with Daevid Allen, you would fight well together. I'm sure even the pope would give his blessing to this.

I want more and more and more ...
bolvadinliler  email Homepage  (September 10th 2004, at 12.44 )
siteniz cok güzel olmus tebrikler
Michael Greene  email   (September 5th 2004, at 8.36 )
Hallo Holger, what's up?

Haben Sie eine Internet-Zusammenarbeit versucht? Ich habe ein ProTools set-up und würde lieben, einige Akten rüber zu senden, wenn Sie interessiert sind? Traurig für den schlechten Deutschen, erhalte ich nur, mit einigen Nachbarn hier im Silicon Valley zu üben. Ich habe einige Aufnahmen, die mit einem Venezulan Freund gebildet werden, der klassische Guitarre und andere percission Instrumente spielt.


Adamas  email Homepage  (September 2nd 2004, at 6.32 )
cool site
vincent   Homepage  (August 31st 2004, at 9.40 )
hi Holger,
our new website is online. yours is on our links page.
Bas van Dam  email   (August 20th 2004, at 12.58 )
Dear Holger and other interested fans,

Just today i received the recently issued 4-CD set called:
Popular Electronics; early Dutch electronic music from Philips Research Laboratories
(Basta Music 30.9141.2)

A definite must for the true interested electronic music history fan!

It covers the period 1956 - 1963 and is very complete with seven small booklets with lots of detailed background info, articles and reviews.

(Even pictures from the Bilthoven based Gaudeamus studio with Gottfried Michael Koenig, Holger!)

Warmest regards,

Bas van Dam, Utrecht, The Netherlands
EGOBIA MAGA  email Homepage  (August 19th 2004, at 6.43 )
Voros Kostas  email   (August 19th 2004, at 2.39 )
Hi Holger
The reason i m writing is that i m searching the words of"Boat Woman Song"3 months now and.....nothing.The song is absolutely genious,trippy...just perfect.I have even tried vitnamese restaurants!Help me...tell what the women talk about!
Agnes Charlesworth  email   (August 18th 2004, at 7.37 )
Hello. I love the recording called Persian Love Song, done at the Music and Rhythm Festival in 1982, and would like to locate this on CD if possible as my only copy is vinyl. Any help on this? Many thanks.
Gerry Wiegand  email   (August 16th 2004, at 16.58 )
hello, holger I liked what you did with your new e-mail sounds. thanks.forever..Gerry
natasha  email   (August 14th 2004, at 16.30 )
hi holger,
I met you in st petersburg a while ago. My friends don't know your music!!! stupid english people!! where can we hear some of your tunes?

love and kisses
David  email   (August 11th 2004, at 4.08 )
I became aware of your work through your collaborations with David Sylvian.
Since that time I have sought out your solo works (as well as CAN albums)
Your music thoroughly inspires and entertains me.
Please perform a concert of some sort in London.
With very best wishes.
vincent cauwels  email Homepage  (August 7th 2004, at 1.50 )
hi holger,
yesterday i saw a movie, 'Morvern Callar'. It had Can's "I want more" en "Spoon" and your "Cool in the pool" and "fragrance" on the soundtrack. A real nice surprise to hear that. btw, great movie too.
Vincent (Belgium)
Jan Torresen  email   (August 5th 2004, at 5.56 )
Dear Mr. Czukay, a while ago I contacted you regarding a compilation called "Cosma Nova". We would like your permission to use "Cool In The Pool" on this compilation. I also sent you a contract. Pls get in touch with me again regarding this so we can work out a new contract. best regards Jan Torresen
sid  email Homepage  (August 4th 2004, at 6.06 )
i've read that your album "movies" was one great influence on electronic music; just had to pull it out of my collective cd pile mess and listen to it again. nice one :)
Michael Greene  email   (August 2nd 2004, at 14.24 )
Holger, Can you tell me when you will be putting out the dvd? Anyone spec'd to distribute in the US? Any chance you will be heading to the bayarea?


adenoidepunk  email   (August 1st 2004, at 10.02 )
hello!I bought 'Tabo Mago' yesterday...& I can't put away this music of my head...
Thanks a lot:I live in the Twilight zone now...
Sorry for my english ,i'm little frenchie.....
gerald wiegand  email   (July 27th 2004, at 14.28 )
I asked you at the time about the internet audio collabriatons(jams) the the time
you didn't have a new project,
I am looking for the release of linear city...hope it is around Gerry
dave  email   (July 24th 2004, at 14.23 )
is there a complete cd of "the osteb ist rot" anywhere? the double cd with rome remains rome misses out the best trax
uli  email   (July 8th 2004, at 12.46 )
hy holger,
i am looking for an old song of yours called sth like osmanian love
i cant find this title in the web.
is it possible for you to help me?????

nick yutzy     (July 7th 2004, at 22.33 )
had a friend come up to the mountains 50 miles from denver he showed me your sight let me experience yor music i think there could be alot of air play here with this thanks for the intro into your music style its brillent nick from golden,colorado usa
kurt fredrick eggerich  email   (July 4th 2004, at 15.54 )
im a good friend of ralph shuring over here in the states he intoduced me to your music now that is artful ill try and find some of your cds over here if i CAN thanks for the rush kurt
Tracy Hoffman  email   (July 4th 2004, at 4.44 )
Ich liebe alle ihre Musik. First I heard CAN, and slowly bought up all that music, and then bought CANAXIS, and have been slowly buying all the solo work. (I got Der Ost ist Rot/Rome remains Rome a couple of days ago.) So, I just wondered why you were wearing those white gloves while playing bass. Either you had a premonition of Michael Jackson's sense of clothing style, or you were afraid to get the bass strings dirty with hand grease, etc, since this will dull the sound of the strings. Altho you must have been asked that a million times, I've never seen an answer anywhere. PS. the U-she work is FANTASTIC!! I have LUNA, and love the version of SUNDAY MORNING on the CAN DVD in the new DVD boxed set. THANKS FOR ALL THE MUSIC!!
vincent  email Homepage  (July 1st 2004, at 14.08 )
hi holger,
omar rodriguez' band is called 'the mars volta'. they recorded a very fine album last year.
btw: the posters you sent arrived safely in belgium.
Yoav Bernstein/djyoavb  email   (June 27th 2004, at 14.18 )
love love love to you. i am a recognisable muscian now and your music is deep inside me since the early days i discovered it. i am just listening to future days after maybe 10 years i didn't and i have goosebumps all over my body. much love to u.God blessed this world with your talent and i thank him for that.i am from Israel btw. :) LOVE!
radiocitizen  email Homepage  (June 22nd 2004, at 21.49 )
hello holger, y no australian tour yet? we love u more than america ever could, just ask damo. need ur music bad in this coalition of the willing
Gerry Wiegand  email   (June 16th 2004, at 14.10 )
seen you in boston MA. USA
2004 tour...just saying you did a real good show...Gerry
t  email   (June 14th 2004, at 6.03 )
holger--sorry to hear I missed you in san francisco. please put out something from this tour. saw you last at the great american music hall w/ u-she and dr walker.

Baz  email Homepage  (June 4th 2004, at 2.50 )
Listening to 'Clash'- superb. Found it on sale in public library for £1! Shocking.
Jörg Moeken  email Homepage  (June 3rd 2004, at 14.25 )
Hallo Herr Czukay,
bin in den letzten Tagen zufällig auf Ihre Musik und die Musik von CAN gestoßen und tief beeindruckt.
Da eines meiner Projekte bereits 1997 in der Fachzeitschrift Keyboards mit CAN verglichen wurde - und ich die Gruppe bis dato nicht kannte, habe ich mich einfach mal übers Internet auf die Suche gemacht und bin fündig geworden, samt CAN Biographie.
Nach den ersten Eindrücken dieser fantastischen Soundkollagen und überwältigenden Klangexperimente möchte ich mich hier einmal dafür bedanken, dass ich das hören darf. Ich wünsche Ihnen noch viele Jahre Kreativität und weiteren Einfallsreichtum.

Grüße aus Nordhorn

Jörg Moeken - Duki
Bob Plyler  email   (June 3rd 2004, at 4.57 )
My wife and I were visiting San Francisco last month, and I was looking at the local guide to things to do. I saw that Holger was playing. Then I checked the date. The date was the same day we were leaving. Bummer. I tried to talk the wife into staying another day, but couldn't convince her that it was worth spending about 500 bucks more (plane tickets plus hotel). Maybe some other time.


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