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Rien  email Homepage  (June 23rd 2005, at 20.00 )
I still treasure my worn VHS copy of Krieg der Tone. I'm very, VERY pleased to see it's now available on DVD. I'll order as soon as my creditcard manager lets me. Thanks!
kurt fredick eggerichs  email   (June 15th 2005, at 2.59 )
HOLGAR hello again!Just got home here in iowa 3 weeks in japan and the phillipines best time in my life took 4 of your cds there just because i did not think i could hear you guys there hahahehehe!I took the chance at security they thought they where piriate cds from manilla they found my cds but not my coconuts and mangos thank god!coconuts will maybe grow this summsr here in iowa that will be good enough for me friend!something different here!CAN I PLEASE get a pic or something Holgar and she!please.kurt eggerich box 84 gilmore city ia 50541 take care friends kurt
Stein Skorstad  email   (June 7th 2005, at 12.21 )
Hi! Holger
Your music and philosophy has helped me do my best music, and that cool in the pool just made me jump out of my sofa of joy. And finally I have invented a drink for you called "Moonshake". The recipy: Put a double espresso , 3/4 oz Creme de bananes and 3/4 oz of kahlua into a cocktailshaker and shake it until it`s cool. Pour into a longdrink glass, and top with milk according to your tastes
pablo g gigliotti  email Homepage  (May 9th 2005, at 20.14 )
Hi Holger,
I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!
I would like to receive your comments of my EP "aUn" Basically it is only made with my Chapman Stick, effects of sounds, loops and percussion.
Perhaps you would like to make something with my project.
Thank you so much!!!

kingyalah guy man  email   (May 7th 2005, at 13.12 )
it is a great site.
vincent     (May 2nd 2005, at 8.44 )
...there was!

enjoyed the gig.

vincent  email Homepage  (April 25th 2005, at 10.36 )
hi holger,
i was wondering if there's a chance to have a little talk before or after your gig on saturday in hasselt (with the usual photograph and the signing of some records ;))?
greetings from belgium,
tom  email   (April 19th 2005, at 18.11 )
hello holger,
listening to movies at the moment and I´m trying to screw the drums together which jaki plays on oh lord give us more money for a song I´m doing on my´s impossible because it isn´t grooving even if I use all my emulators simulators or any kind of mulators all together.but god loves a tryer.
thousand hugs from desperate tom
MIKOVICH  email   (April 8th 2005, at 11.38 )
Thanks 4 all good music over the decades.Please come to England 2 educate us with your style.
kurt fredick eggerichs  email   (March 29th 2005, at 3.45 )
holgar can you please send me a good big poster and sign it to eggy here in the states kurt eggerichs po box 84 gilmore city ,iowa 50541 please send me something i can frame!Iwill give you my visa card for what ever you need ! Give ralphy a call Happy Easter you 2 thanks kurt
Leen en Hillie  email   (March 17th 2005, at 21.20 )
Holger Czukay and John Cale.
We look forward to your concert in Utrecht.
Harmelen (we live there) loves you. Go on with your good works.

Onkel Wolfgang     (March 17th 2005, at 20.59 )
see my comment in your cuestbook below. Maybe there is a answer about concert in HH. Great regards and till the days (das Massenmedium macht dumm dumm dumm, macht das...)
vincent (belgium)  email Homepage  (March 10th 2005, at 18.41 )
hi Holger,
somebody told me something about a gig of you in belgium at the end of april?
is that really true?
stuart  email Homepage  (March 7th 2005, at 18.05 )
wonderful website you have here.
thank you for making such wonderful music over the years, Ege Bamyasi is one of my favourite albums ever.

Marcus and Linda  email Homepage  (March 4th 2005, at 23.13 )
Hello Holger. Saw you online just now, how are you ?
We have a pleasant evening here in sweden, listening to music. Have a nice weekend. :)
Onkel Wolfgang  email Homepage  (March 3rd 2005, at 21.28 )
Ja nun ein frohes neues Jahr Euch beiden wünsche ich, wann kommst du denn dann endlich nach HH oder Umgebung? Was soll ich dann weiter schreiben ausser das Robert Wyatt und Lou Reed Geburstag hatten...

Bis die Tage
Onkel Wolfgang
Marius  email   (March 3rd 2005, at 14.11 )
Hello from Tromsø, Norway. I picked up your la luna album yesterday. Found it for only 2.4 euros at a second hand shop :=) I discovered can only a couple of years ago, and was lucky to see Damo Suzuki with Cul de Sac when they played in Trondheim, Norway (2003). I haven't listened very much to your own work, but i can say i love Can. Keep up the good work.
Ute  email   (February 20th 2005, at 14.51 )
ich liebe deine musik.
einfach wundervoll!
mike  email Homepage  (February 17th 2005, at 7.02 )
your albums rule
your site is pioneering
as usual
as always
san francisco loves you

kurt fredick eggerichs  email   (February 16th 2005, at 3.20 )
keep up the good work love you to come to usa can see you at red rocks ralph lives close will fly out from iowa to consume it all take care kurt
Alex  email   (February 7th 2005, at 17.30 )
Hey Holger, thank you so much for all the great music. I'd love to get to say hey in chat sometime but nobody seems to be in there when I turn up. I am in a progressive blues band who are just getting started in England and you are one of my musical heroes.

Thanks again, I truly hope that all is well.

PS - A dream of mine for some years has been to record at Can Studio. Is it open in that capacity at all, or have I been dreaming impossibles?
automachine   Homepage  (February 7th 2005, at 15.46 )
musique automatique - strange and funny. Try !


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