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Edward Lakin  email   (December 13th 2005, at 21.31 )
I recently bought Linear City & Time and Tide; they are both superb! Also, since I keep finding more lovely little novelties on your website I've made it my homepage.

How's U-She? Is she better??

I hope so.

God bless you Holger, and long may you live!!
martin  email Homepage  (December 13th 2005, at 13.08 )
Holger, I'm a motion graphic artist and I'd like to use your song cool in the pool for my showreel. It's for non profit, non commercial purposes. it will be used to accompany my work. i will need to use the showreel on my website. Is it possible to get permition to use this track?

gideon  email   (December 9th 2005, at 12.43 )
Hi Holger, you said you were playing in London in December. Is it still on or have I missed it? If so where are you playing?
Edward  email   (November 28th 2005, at 0.01 )
Holger, this is one more request for you to come to London and do a gig; PLEASE!
CANopener Group on Yahoo!   Homepage  (November 23rd 2005, at 14.40 )
A place where CANnibals (consumers of the musical feast) can congregate to worship one of the most innovative groups ever: CAN!

Koen     (November 22nd 2005, at 22.12 )
Thank you for creating.
james cardis  email Homepage  (October 25th 2005, at 22.24 )

i met alan warner a few years ago, when irvine welsh taught a class in residence at my school in chicago. i am a great fan of both you and your friend. i just wanted to drop a note saying hello, and to let you know that i have written a "spotlight" review of "on the way..." for the magazine punk planet. i can send you a copy once it prints. i hope the review, and your sounds, open up more ears for years to come.


vincent  email Homepage  (October 21st 2005, at 10.50 )
hi holger,

just to let you know that we'll be 'sound carrier' for damo suzuki on 4 november here in belgium.

greetings from belgium,
keith  email Homepage  (October 15th 2005, at 18.53 )
i have record label putting out record by japanese new wave band - POLYSICS in march 2006.

they are huge fans of your music and would like you to do a remix for a follow up album we would like to do of remixes in sept 2006.

please get in touch
David Weicht  email   (September 25th 2005, at 20.20 )
Hi Holger !

I have read that you made a record with sounds from the whole world. People sent you some sounds and you have made a record from that. whats the name of the record and where can I find it?

And my 2nd question:

At which moment can I hear the telephone ringing at "One More Time" from Can?


Andrei  email   (September 6th 2005, at 23.39 )
Dear Mr. Szukay
Thank you very mach for your answer.
I�m sorry for pure formulate of my question. I�m interested movie (cinema) with your music (soundtrack).
I would like to explain: I saw wonderful movie with your very nice soundtrack few years ago in Russian TV channel �REN-TV� few years ago.
The action of this movie was in Barcelona. May be it was Spanish movie? Your name was in the credit under �Music by�, may be this movie was made in 1986 year.
I�m looking for the name of this movie for few years.
Sincerely yours, Andrei

Andrei  email   (September 6th 2005, at 1.29 )
Wanted full list of films with szukay's music,thank you
John Thorpe  email   (August 26th 2005, at 14.57 )
Hi Holger,

We've waited a long time for you to play in England. However you are playing at a venue which costs £120! You said you were playing in London, this is not the case. The venue is at a seaside village which is difficult to get to. Will you play soon at a more affordable venue, preferably in London? Thanks.
Hidalgo  email   (August 23rd 2005, at 8.50 )
Can't find Can Dvd anywhere in Finland...
radiocitizen  email Homepage  (August 12th 2005, at 5.26 )
hi holger... i'm STILL waiting for you to make it down to the Land of Oz... many kangaroos are frothing at the thought
Alexander Krupnik  email   (August 3rd 2005, at 8.34 )
Dear Mr. Czukay!

Several years ago I sought a Spanish film (music by Holger Czukay).
I rememmber that his action was in Barcelona. May be you know the name of
this film?

Many thanks in advance,
Alexander Krupnik,
gideon  email   (July 11th 2005, at 17.33 )
Hi Holger, I love your music, I think "Movies" is a masterpiece. I'd love to see you play live one day, do you have any plans to come to London?
Adam Lara aka The Forcefield  email Homepage  (July 8th 2005, at 9.26 )
I've been a fan since @ '87 when I heard "Empress and the Ukraine King" on the radio here in LA, on my way back from a punk show, and have been a fan ever since. I really enjoy and get inspiration from your playing, editing, and outlook on music, with and after CAN. Your music and the inspiration it provides is a positive force in my life,


Adam L.
ALBERTO  email Homepage  (July 4th 2005, at 3.21 )

Paul Fisher  email Homepage  (June 30th 2005, at 18.12 )
Hi Holger,

We specialize in licensing albums to Japan. A client is interested in licensing some of your albums. Is that possible? thanks
Ernst  email   (June 29th 2005, at 23.56 )
Dear Holger,

Thank you for the nice show in the Hague! Before, we had a little talk (about the pope)
and we've bought some cd's.
I'm really into "Africana smooth" these (warm) days!
Yeah man, it's all about LISTENING!!


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