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CAN allzeit      (January 13th 2007, at 19.21 )
Allzeit ist herzlich die Blume!
Oh liebloses Glueck!
Fuerwahr, Astronauten sind so geheuer!
Ja CAN, musizieren und amuesieren
Ist geheuert,
So entbehrlich und herzlich!
Hoerende Musik fuer Holger     (January 13th 2007, at 15.45 )
Hoerende Musik fuer Holger
Musik hoert euch intelligent
Intelligent und gemein
Weh euch Musik
Musik fuer Holger
Ihr hoert nicht die Stadt
Doch hoert euch die Eigenschaft
Ihr Musik, ihr Gemeinen
Musik fuer Holger, Musik in ewiger Zeit
Material     (January 13th 2007, at 15.41 )
Es spielt das monotone Material.
Spielen oder rollen?
Absurde Idee!
Bassen - Nicht ihr!
Oh dieses Material,
Material im ewigen Raum!

Holger bedenke! Material nur fuer dich!

Das Telefon      (January 13th 2007, at 15.39 )
Du ergoetzliche Erde!
Telefon und Mischung, ja Mischung.
Die Mischung - wellen und schwellen!
Das Telefon - frech und fern!
Frech! Auch du, Holger, sei frech!
Erzittre vor Wut!

Und Schwachsinn vergiftet die Herzen!

joseph Fletcher  email   (January 5th 2007, at 14.38 )
Lieber Holger

Mein Deutsch ist wie das Haar auf der Brust eines kleinkindes. Wegen des Dialogs und der Wuerde der Kinder weltweit, werde ich in Englisch weiter schreiben.

How do I get in touch to talk about ideas for collaboration?

Gruesse Joseph

Bas van Dam  email Homepage  (December 31st 2006, at 18.29 )
Dear Holger,

Best wishes for the new year! And looking at the studio pictures, i hope it will be a warm and musical one. My best wishes to U-She and my compliments on here impeccable taste in decorating!

Warm regards, Bas.

vincent  email Homepage  (December 31st 2006, at 15.36 )
my best wishes, holger!
greetings from belgium
Steve  email   (November 24th 2006, at 2.52 )
Hey holger,we have been fans of yours for sometime. When do you think you will play in Toronto?

mark_us  email   (October 24th 2006, at 1.49 )
holger! wenn ich ueber elektronik so nachdenke ... man sollte den schuko-stecker in czukay-stecker umbenennen. :-)
pikey  email Homepage  (October 10th 2006, at 17.49 )
hello holger just like to say youve been giving me musical joy since monster movie and always loved you live since 73 love peace anarchy,pikey
Arthur  email   (September 24th 2006, at 23.40 )

Hi Holger,met you years ago in dublin when i was a kid loved the movies album..i didnt think you were still around...just wanted to say hello and hope you are still making music...take care Arthur
Rolf Wilms  email   (September 11th 2006, at 19.54 )
Hallo Herr Czukay,

vor ca. 30 Jahren im Alter von 12 hoerte ich das erste Mal "Monster Movie". Diese Schallplatte hatte sicherlich einigen Einfluss auf mich und hat mich von anderen differenziert, Gott sei Dank! Vor ca. 20 Jahren sah ich Sie (vermutlich als Gast) zufaellig in der Stollwerk-Disko in Koeln, war aber zu gehemmt, Sie anzusprechen. Das ärgert mich bis heute.

Daher nun "Hallo uebers Internet". "Monster Movie" hat sich uebrigens nicht abgenutzt, ich hoere es heute (nun auf CD) immer noch gerne, "Persian Love", "How much are they" und viele andere Ihrer Lieder auch. Vielen Dank dafuer!

Schoene Gruesse aus Essen,
Rolf Wilms
kurt fredrick eggerichs  email   (August 20th 2006, at 0.43 )
long time since last time. you are still rocking my house in gilmore city,iowa! keep up the good work! still waiting for my autographed pic. take care sir.
kurt and ester

Sytze  email   (August 2nd 2006, at 4.21 )
Hi Holger, I hope the two tracks you made in the 80's as Les Vampyrettes on a 12" single will find a home too in the re-release of your back catalogue (maybe on 'Der Osten ist Rot'?) Can't wait for the new album as well. Best of luck, Sytze from the Netherlands

vincent  email Homepage  (June 9th 2006, at 18.41 )
hi there holger,
i've just been enjoying the news update. funny one.
all the best to you,
greetings from belgium,
andre  email   (June 6th 2006, at 9.59 )
ich hoere gerade come sta,la luna,und musss mitteilen,es gefaellt mir sehr gut.....dankeschoen
charlie  email Homepage  (May 19th 2006, at 17.33 )
I think can was probably the greatest band of all time (or one of them)..

"Hi" alias Gianni  email   (May 8th 2006, at 0.41 )
it's fantastic this site...Holger i hope to speak again with you one of these days...

Frances May Morgan  email Homepage  (May 5th 2006, at 17.32 )
Hi Holger, Good to speak to you today, and many thanks for the interview. The URL above is for my Myspace page, seeing as we were talking about Myspace!
Frank Schwinn  email Homepage  (April 29th 2006, at 16.13 )
Hallo Holger Czukay!

Ich liebe die Musik von Can!
Bin selbst Musiker und Produzent und Eure Musik zu hoeren macht mir immer wieder Mut und inspiriert.

Danke dafuer

lg Frank
ramiro barris   email   (April 17th 2006, at 8.28 )
The first time I realized CAN is when I heard Mushroom<one week later ,I bought Tago Mago,at that time I was reading a biography on Jorge luis Borges.The point is that one day going to the library I was hearing the song Peking O,Igot lost in the song I didin't know where Iwas with those sounds in my ears.some work,thanks
ramiro barris   email   (April 11th 2006, at 8.18 )
hey holger this sounds stupid but which fender basss did you use.With you guys I broke the egg several times.thanks a lot
gawumba trilope  email   (March 7th 2006, at 12.29 )
Hallo Holger!

Euer Can-Spirit strahlt bis in die rockende Gegenwart hinein. Auch unsere Band
Beelzebub Airlines
hat sich der frei improvisierten Rockmusik verschrieben. Ach ja und Tago Mago dreht sich hauefiger auf unserem CD Spieler.
Gawumba Trilope
Birgitt Neumann (Kalthoff)  email   (March 6th 2006, at 18.24 )
...vor 40 Jahren warst du mein Musiklehrer in Quakenbrueck. Bei dir habe ich gelernt wie man Notendiktate schreibt und Rhythmus durchhaelt, nicht nur bei Schuberts Forelle, sondern damals innovativ, auch zu rockigeren Klaengen. Heute leite ich einen grossen Musikverlag. Der Musiklehrer war nicht unschuldig daran!

Liebe Gruesse von Birgitt
baikonour  email   (February 15th 2006, at 18.43 )
Hi Holger! I was just reading the page about innerspace can's studio and I was wandering if you remember anything about this custom built 8 tracks mixer you used and if it actually still exist? I'm amazed by the sonics of most Can albums and particulary Ege Bamyasi and Future days recorded at innerspace. and what about the mics and other recording equipments used?
Many thanks.

Ian  email   (February 9th 2006, at 3.45 )
Dear Holger, why no mention of the "Out Of Reach" album in your section on Can? It does exist- I have a copy!! Also, do you know of a cassette mentiones in Pascal Bussy's Can Book called "Onlyou"? Limted edition of 100 or something crazy like that. PS- I love the Chinese national anthem thanks to you and Der Osten Ist Rot!!!
Helga   Homepage  (February 6th 2006, at 1.42 )
Hello Holger! I'm a big fan of yours and I just wanted to say that it would be great if you had a "myspace"
Edward  email   (January 8th 2006, at 0.11 )
"wonder why he still isn't sir brian."

Holger; Jah Wobble was right when he called Brian the English clever dick; He talks too much about how smart he is; you just make incredible music; Heil Holger!!
gerry Wiegand  email   (January 1st 2006, at 13.57 )
hi there, in the usa, they now use microwave voice transmitters that can be voiced in your body if they do not want you to live in that area or if they do not like your music..modern goes threw buildings walls floors down the block..the future is in big trouble for personal freedom, and artists playing something new..they might have to build a repeater to send the signal back to the source and put a hot signal to burn the transmitter out..other wise, we are in big trouble if anyone who uses that in the place were you live with out any notice or knock on the door...something has to be done...nobody over here cares how they use it..lucky I was not born in this era..I have always been into your music from the start, I play and record my own sounds but always have these transmitters bothering me, because I do something different..that is why I am letting artists know, for a better future..happy newyear..Gerry


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