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eintrag von Todd Allred am Mi, 25.2.1998 - 08:24:14
I stumbled upon a copy of CAN's "Ege Bamyasi" quite by
accident a few years ago. Some fool sold a box of CD's
(who knows why...drug money maybe???) In any case, I
was introduced to Spoon and I'm So Green. I now own all
the CAN albums including Out Of Reach and many of the solo albums
I look forward to the release of the Live album and the new book
in '98. best wishes to you..your website is quite intriguing
(just like your music)

eintrag von alex tobin am Di, 24.2.1998 - 04:11:24
lieber holger,

just wanted to say what an extremely pleasant and unsusual sensation (!!) it was when i typed 'can' into my search engine and discovered that you have your own site. good looks, good content, good luck.

alex tobin

eintrag von Robert Rich am Mo, 16.2.1998 - 01:33:20
Greetings from California. What a treat to find your website, with the same personal touch and humor that your work has always shown. ... Keeping my ears out on your activities. I've been busy too, with new recording work. Just finished upgrading my own site at Good luck to you! - Robert

eintrag von Tim Jones am Sa, 14.2.1998 - 22:06:06
Great Stuff! Good to see your album 'Movies' getting released on CD and introducing it to the younger masses,I first heard CAN when I was about 10 as my older brother was very much into them in '70/'71. One of the good things about all this computer communication and information is that it makes everything timeless,a bit like your music! Good luck with future projects, Cheers! Tim.

eintrag von EMAIL_V am Sa, 14.2.1998 - 18:08:51
Good afternoon from Chicago U.S.A.

eintrag von Franco Galletti am Fr, 13.2.1998 - 00:13:24
A big greet to everybody from Italy!

eintrag von Tilman Reitzle am Mi, 11.2.1998 - 21:36:38
music is a landscape. we go around the mountains, across them, but never through them. in the himalayas of music: Czukay-land and Can-ada. far above the peaks of normal…the view stretches beyond the horizon. what a beautiful landscape. i recorded in Berlin last month with good friends and as we tried to reach the land beyond we all knew we first traveled the path of these mountains.
so much beauty. these road maps always show me a good place to start the journey: side 2 of SOON OVER BABALUMA and the FULL CIRCLE record with master Wobble.
what a gift.
thank you.

Stone Ridge, NY, USA

eintrag von > alan warner am Mi, 11.2.1998 - 04:22:21

Speculation is mounting about the origin of a mysterious cassette investigators recovered from the Mercedes in which Lady Diana Spencer and Dodi Al Fayhed were killed. Sources say the cassette, marked with Diana's own handwriting: "Holger's new material" could have been playing at an excessive volume and......
if you want to know the whole truth about Di and Dodi please take a look into Alan Warner's book " Movern Caller" and call be back when you've found it.
Alan Warner

eintrag von Ego Pogo am Di, 10.2.1998 - 05:21:23
Any live stuff coming out in the future? I've got some stuff from Weilerswist (1968-1969) and Berlin (1971). Would love to hear some of that shortwave radio stuff.

eintrag von irmin wiechmann am Di, 10.2.1998 - 00:20:42
sometimes it is better to say nothing but



eintrag von Henrik H. Aakjaer am Fr, 30.1.1998 - 10:27:39

"Within Without" can be found at

Best wishes,

eintrag von Henrik H. Aakjaer am Fr, 30.1.1998 - 10:24:29
Dear Holger

I've just linked to your page from "Within Without" - website dedicated to the music of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk. Hollis has always refered to the Tago Mago album as an "extremely important record". "Within Without" can be found at

Yours sincerely,
Henrik H. Aakjaer

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