holger czukay



Audio Catalogue 


Configurations,  1960, first radio appearance, private record

Canaxis 5, 1969, Music Factory, Limited Edition, ca. 500, LP

Movies, EMI-Electrola, 1979, LP

Persian Love, Barclay 1981 / Trio Kenwood 1982, Single 7-inch 

Message to the Record Salesforce, Promo Maxi ca. 800, EMI 1981

Message to the Record Salesforce, Promo LP, Virgin 1983

Les Vampyrettes, Vinyl Maxi, Pure Freude, ca. 1500, 1982

On the Way to the Peak of Normal 1981 EMI, Weltrecord, LP

How much are they, 12”+7” Vinyl, 1981 Weltrecord / 1982 Island, U.K.

Snake Charmer, 1983, Island Records U.K., Mini LP

The East is Red, 1984, Virgin, LP

Rome Remains Rome, 1986, Virgin, LP

Full Circle, 1987, Virgin, LP / CD

Plight – Premonition, 1988, Venture(Virgin U.K.), LP/CD

Flux – Mutability, 1989, Venture, LP/CD

Radio Wave Surfer, 1991 Virgin, LP/CD

Moving Pictures, 1993 SPV / Mute, CD

Clash, 1996, Sideburn Records, Double CD

Good Morning Story, 1999, Tone Casualties, USA, LP/CD

La Luna, 2000, Tone Casualties, USA, CD

Can – Magazine Live Tour Solo Projects, Spoon Records, 2000, CD

Audio CD, unreleased

Circle, 2000 EMI, CD

Time and Tide, 2001, Dignose , CD

Linear City, 2002, Dignose, CD

New Millennium, 2003, Fuenfundvierzig, CD, lim. LP 12-inch in Japan

21st Century, 2007, SPV, CD

Backcatalogue releases, SPV, 2006

     1. issue: Canaxis 5, Good Morning Story, Linear City, Radio Wave Surfer

      2. issue:  Time and Tide,  Movies,  Clash, La Luna

21st Century feat. Ursa Major, 2007, SPV, CD

U-She, Cover Versions of Nico, not yet released


Holger Czukay – Vinyl on Claremont 56

“Holger Czukay” 2009, 10-inch

A Good Morning Story 2010 Double EP

Way to L.A., Bison,  2010 10-inch

Lets get hot / …cool,  2010 LP

My Persian Love, 12-inch LP, 2010

Dream Again, 2010 Doppel 10-inch

Hit Hit Flop Flop 2011, 7-inch Single

Music is a Miracle, 2011, 12-inch,  LP

In Space, 2011 EP 10-inch / picture disc

Mandy, 7-inch, 2011

La Premiere, 2012, 12-inch

A Perfect World, 2012, out September 2012


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