project audio 3

march 1 -2001

audio3 collaboration is closing down. this was an extensive work from my side and at least we are facing one ca. 23 minutes long common version of "ten steps to heaven". and as andres 1605 munro wrote me he will also finish an own version. with a big thank you to banabila from the netherlands who was of great help getting ten steps finished.

 february 22

this collaboration on audio3 is quite different to the previous projects. we are getting near towards creating "larger integrated musical units" (to discribe this with a more or less technical term). as i started working on this project around christmas time i had more time to develop a vision for a longer piece by 20 minutes named "ten steps to heaven" due to the contributed words of u-she. you can follow the development and listen to a master excerpt consisting of a combination of mixes and samples of the team.

 february 1

till now at least 9 activated enthusiasts have finally taken the chance on going their way with the "android". the momentary team consists of:

james webb
tom hamlyn
andres 1605 munro
derek pierce
adam optic
dane johnson

most of them are coming from europe this time, followed by america, germany and canada. the first samples have been uploaded so far and all can be said at the moment is that the emphasis of the samples focuses again electronic aspects. as i am myself a bit ahead with my work i like to give you 4 examples how the combination could turn out. please find them in cont.excerpt1 cont.excerpt2 cont.excerpt3

 january 4

in the fore field of the audio3 project we have 17 interested participators and thus the project is already overbooked. instead of dividing them into 2 groups we will try what will happen when all are working on one and the same task. 17 people make in fact a small orchestra - it might not work out though but let's give it a try this time.

the 2 given audio samples are extremely basic. but they have also something which lets them flow setting free lots of mysterious fantasies. i immediately felt reminded of maurice ravel's "bolero" starting from a minimal nowhere and ending up in a furious climax. of cause that kind of development is not a must, you can try something different if you like to do so. however, the most important characteristic seems to be the freedom which especially the ground sample takes care of. you can listen to the samples in real format and make up your mind what could be expected.

the scheduled duration of this common project should not exceed 2 months and the working title is "android".



copyright by holger czukay, all rights reserved