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some is for enjoying, some to get interested





if you are interested in old airplays like invasion from mars by orson wells from 1938...

can's website
for those who want to know that can isn't only a tin box or just another word for tea pot. 

generative music - brian eno
interesting article how brian eno is looking at a special kind of music designed for the internet.
the other side of a closed loops system. 

brian eno, holger czukay and slop shop live at kunst- und ausstellungshalle halle bonn

my hero after being reborn

sobek's dreamworld
if you have already watched visuals #51, #52, #53 you can follow sobek's development here in more details

third ear
by john payne, los angeles

i know where bruce lee lives
from the same electrica team. you can record your own remix, play it back and exercise yourself becoming bruce lee - one day.

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