holger czukay
december 1 - 1999
this month i must give you a little present, right? you remember that i was trying a little motor symphony for the ford engineers in europe. they seemed to have liked it though in this example you won't find a running ford engine. but others you can find. little motor symphony(copyright!) starts with:

little motor symphony(mp3) / little motor symphony(realfile) duration: 2:30

1.) the exhaust sound of a 6 valves mercedes 280 se. it sounds a bit like a bass station: decent and clear, good for church communities not to get lost.
2.) slamming door of the mini cooper and its high running engine picked up at the exhaust.
2.) starting mercedes 280 (3 times)
3.) mercedes door
4.) bmw 3 series / 5 series followed by a break of the drum machine
5.) ferrari
6.) porsche(twice) persecuted by a horny gator and a drum break.
7.) mercedes 280, gliding softly like a train with my cat minky on board.
8.) bunch of starting racing cars.

that's all. no, not quite. can is also offering a download of "silent night". have you ever heard it? like sophistically belling jingle yells without horses. and it was my last bass recording(1976) with can for more than ten years.

there will be soon released a double cd sampler on the ellipsis label regarding the history of electronic music with works of stockhausen, cage, etc...watch out here for more news.

remains wishing you a good start into the next millenium - with one of these cars? take them all, dear and get happy. We will see us here or in the writing system or in visuals or meet us in the chat...wherever you like.

holger's studio
my cute new studio in the countryside

cheers and bye for now
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