holger czukay
april 1 - 2000 

can will visit japan in june - and i'll stay at home. have nothing to offer live on stage which could convince me doing so. but at least i try  out how i can succeed in that matter. so i was talking over a collaboration with the classical based "verdi string quartet" if we could find a common basis to go on stage together. they would love to do so and also me. however, the classical sound of such a quartet is so homogenious and closed up that another contribution from my side appears to become only disturbing. in order to test that out i listened to the schubert string quartet "der tod und das maedchen" and rewrote it in terms of getting windows opened allowing a look out into our today's sound world. the rewriting was fine and it convinced me immediately but somehow i haven't yet found what really could work out from my side as a live musician. i will keep that ball moving... meanwhile you should check visuals #21 how can sounds being played by a string quartet. 

since three years u-she's website wasn't touched at all. it consisted only of a dark blue page with a sound loop and her voice on. what had always surprised me is that this page made a lot of data streaming and my conclusion was that fans were downloading this loop and burnt it on cd in order to play it in the car (at least i heard that from some fans on the chat). and now this has got a massive update so to speak and i am glad that u-she finally decided to present her work on the internet - in small portions for the beginning. 

u-she: the art / tenderness (detail) 

what also excites me is how our internet collaboration <collabs> is being accepted by actively motivated participants. the first music project "africana" is now right in the middle of progress and the second (video) project "everest" has just started. every evening i am climbing up a mountain here in the countryside and that blows me out all bad ideas and memories for the rest of the night. of course i am imagining i would climb up the mount everest and lots of unforseen scenes came into my mind. when i mentioned that in the chat  there was immediately a spontaneous reaction and within 24 hours the first "shots" were uploaded on the server which set free lots of spontaneous fantasies and adrenalin in our minds. a small animated idea can be seen at everest

finally i am glad to mention that this server is running 99% perfect now after having changed to my new provider ce-line.net in february. i made my statistics available to all those who are interested to see what's going on here. no wonder that i get offers to put commercial banners in but this is the last thing i would like to see here. 

cheers and bye for now 

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