holger czukay
news leer
may 2 - 2000

there are 2 new releases. tone casualties label sent me the finshed product of la luna and this time the cd sounds fine concerning the sound quality. the other release is a tripple cd on the ellipsis label and is called ohm with an excerpt of canaxis on. it is a collection of the history of electronic music from 1935! till 1980. strange coincidence: one day i had a cd with an exceptional booklet in my briefcase called manhattan research by raymond scott. if i could write a comment about it. what can i tell you - i didn't want to trust my ears what i heard. the development of electronic music has obviously its roots in different countries under very different circumstances. to make a long story short: most striking was raymond scott's sense of humour apart from all the mindblowing inventions he had made. time out magazine wrote a critic about ohm and manhattan reseach saying in a headline: "raymond scott and holger czukay are the only two composers here who sound like they cracked a smile during the fun filled 20th century." well, coming to canaxis i must say that this came into existence "illegaly" during a night shift in the electronic studio in cologne with its director karlheinz stockhausen. i never had told him about this action and concerning giving people a smile i am not sure if this ability got really developed in me by that time.

cover artwork altered by tone casualtiesleer u-she's original layout (excerpt)


la luna is showing into a similar direction as canaxis did 1968. it is a live piece over 47:11 minutes testing out my first sampler. fortunately i recorded this lonely session at night time and thanks due to my misunderstanding of the sampler this machine began suddenly to live its own live though i was still able to conduct it in its music wise activities. when something like that happens you can be lucky having recorded that. i don't know how to bring back this malfunction again  but i am glad that the machine got me involved in such an exciting ceremonial adventure. 

the internet collaboration of africana has lead to first surprising results. more about in the next news. 

last not least: since the beginning of this year my ordercatalogue didn't send off your mail orders so that i was not able to answer them. anyway, hopefully this can be soon changed.

cheers and bye for now 

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