holger czukay
june 1 - 2000 

coming back again to the official release of la luna june 12. tora company in london who is in charge to promote this album sent some cds already to the media and so i received some reactions from their side. it becomes clear that one piece with the duration of over 45 minutes must have difficulties getting played in a normal radio program. on the other hand this is also characterized being an "electronic night ceremony" and who of our normal salary customers can spend a whole night getting introduced into an exorbital "voodoo club" ceremony? and can you imagine that i would take care for such arguments like being commercial or fitting into a dinner dance party mood? a few "negatives" first: 

- a densely textured bad trip through an unknown soundscape. good but bad.(surf 107.2) 
- alltogether a bit of difficult album. (jazz fm) 
- i am afraid u-she really doesn't make it - a bit too polite really (flux magazine) 

some positives: 

- nice dark emotional tone (flux magazine, solo, freestyle radio space) 
- this album can really only be done justice by being played in its entirety (surf 107.2) 
- still one of the best. not many show such masterly use of instrumentation and samples (earthdoctor for various) 
- this will find its ass well mixed into the show - hell, i'll probably end up playing all of it and add my own 'spices' - cheers. (the garden of earthly
- very good vibes for this album...it will be heavily rotated and highly charted.(seraphims net radio show) 

minki listening concentrated to la luna 

got a request by the verdi string quartet - check #21 athttp://www.czukay.de/visuals/visuals.html- playing live with them together. it seemed to be an exciting idea but when i came to think of it a bit more closely i preferred to work out an example first. they sent me a cd of  "the death and the maiden" and i immedeately started to "reorganize" the first movement in order to let some space for a 5th musician. you must imagine that it becomes very difficult to participate in a "year 2000" music language inside such a closed up classic club without disturbing it to death (i am speaking of the music, not of the quartet). up to now i have my haviest doubts if this will work out and to my own surprise it does - at least for the first movement. if this also goes for the rest of the movements...who knows. please have a short excerpt and after having checked it you can decide if you want to meet me one day live on stage in a black zoot. 

collabs common audio project africana has come to an end if one may say so. i would like to get this released on a cd as it proves the internet being a fantastic platform for a yet unknown way of creation. a second audio project is fully prepared and will soon follow. 

cheers and bye for now 

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