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July 1 - 2000

the collaboration on "africana" gets me lots of interested contacts. even a society of new music would now like to know what that was all about.
"new music"...remember? a term from the fifties, sixties, all that written and notated avantgarde. they asked if i could teach teachers about how "africana" came into existence. this needs some thinking time i must admit...society of new music...hmmm...(old times are passing by)

after having finished the first movement of the franz schubert string quartet "the death and the maiden" (i renamed my version to "maidendeath") the second movement is on the run. slooowly, step by step. this needs a fresh recorded sample bank so be patient. i probably would have stopped working on it if the reactions from third sides and also from the internet community wouldn't be so encouraging.

video project everest:  dead briefcases found 

collabs audio project2 is already uploaded with some info samples. please check and find out if that might be an idea for you. got already  interested people who have registered. participants will be limited up to 7. 
meanwhile lots of little video samples flew in here for the collabs "everest" video project and all animated clip details-by sobek in belgium- are so weird and funny to what i saw that this video project can only become...weird and funny.

9 new old videos installed in visuals

last not least: can drummer jaki liebezeit became a happy father. his one month old son is already drumming at heaven's door.

cheers and bye for now 

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