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august 1 - 2000 

48 streaming videos now installed on visuals. unfortunately the high compression in conjunction with a low frame rate does make it impossible to watch the "binder" between picture and sound. however, it was meant to give you a first rough impression. every video got perfectly digitized and they exist now as cd-rom files, also for sale in the future on my new label dignose. more infos when dignose gets opened. 

collabs audio2 project started. this time we have more interested participants than originally planned. nevertheless i think we should try if it works with the lucky number of 13. you can follow the steps in progress in collabs project2

two years ago the hall of fame in cleveland ohio chose can to be taken on. an exhibition of typical band items was planned and i suggested to rebuild the very first can studio, edition september 1968. the idea seemed to hit but then nothing was to be heard anymore. now there is a plan to open an equivalent rock or poplike museum in groningen near the border to holland. i was contacted about it and so i repeated my idea. this time the setup of the old can studio seems to be regarded more seriously and hopefully visitors can make themselves an idea how the old can records got banned on tape. recently there have been several contacts of students writing about this recording "phenomenon". it would be much easier for them in the future to find out under which conditions records like delay or monster movie were established.

La Luna.jpg La luna2.jpg
la luna by u-she, first 2 steps in progress

got an email by american composer dac crowell concerning the new release of la luna which i would like to let you know. 

         subject: la luna...! 
         date: sun, 23 jul 2000 23:51:00 -0500 
         from: dac crowell <dacc@soltec.net> 

            holger, you've really outdone yourself with this one. it's a major, major achievement even with all of the very obvious electronic sounds, the mere fact that it sounds musically like it's about 10,000 years old is astonishing. this sounds like it could just as easily could have been some field recording from around some neolithic bonfire somewhere off in darkest europe as it could be some live-in-studio electronics work. u-she's vocal on this is really amazing, as well...very evocative, chant-like, perfect. even though it clearly fits into the whole new music thing, it doesn't sound like it belongs there, and pulls you more toward any directions of cultures that haven't 'disconnected' with the primal world around them...as you might find in australia, new guinea, tibet, mongolia, parts of africa or south america, and the like. i had to listen to it twice in succession just to take it all in!

          cheers and bye for now 


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