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september 1 - 2000 

was supposed to head on with schubert's death of the maiden string quartet second movement but ended up thinking about a storyboard of  a new video clip in collaboration with sobek, our "proved" animator from liege in belgium. visuals has now 50 clips installed. most of them were made before I was even dreaming of the internet and thus I had at least something to offer. but experiencing the web tells me that adequate net clips have to be made in a different way than for tv screens. animated gif clips make it so much easier to be in frame sync because of their small amount of streamed data and the small screen size doesn't disturb at all. please check further details in collabs/video

chat meeting in hamburg: odder, holger, sugar, sobek, col.p., slam. auntie, u-she

for the first time our "constant" chat team was physically meeting in hamburg on august 11. it usually makes a difference if you learn somebody to know as a living data being and then as a person consisting out of flesh and blood. it can happen that the image of the other one in our mind gets destroyed. not so this time - at least not from my side. we had a wonderful evening starting with a low taste dinner at a chinese mafia place on the reeperbahn. then we turned away from the fun searching crowds and got into a taverne named "bei horst" which's owner immediately turned into a singing eros ramazotti using a vodka bottle as a microphone. and who came? from el paso in texas came col. p. aka collie, our movie and music expert acompanied by slam from oldenburg in germany. less from the far west arrived animating "belgium sobek", who was the only one I met more than ten years ago in the can studio. odder and auntie came from scandinavia, odder from denmark and auntie from sweden. the organization getting us all together lay in the hands of sugar or susaphone in hamburg and with me came u-she. 

before I forget: heard that my la luna cd jumped into the u.k. virgin charts - whatever that means. please listen to an excerpt with a small animation from sobek: la luna

cheers and bye for now 

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