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october 1 - 2000 

as the collaboration with audio2 project is progressing I gave order to my provider to develop a collaboration software which would allow our audience to participate with their computer keyboard in a given event especially when playing live on stage. promoters start asking if percussion people from their country would be allowed to play live on stage together with me. as long as musicians are able to listen and give space that's no problem with me and so I thought also to invite people sitting on their computers playing live. well, how can that be realized?
synchronizing all players respectively users right away as if they would be on stage can't be established from zero. the software would give access to a soundbank and each key of your computer will release a new sound, tone etc. from there. the user will create his own sequence and when activating the "enter"or "return" key the sequence will get synced to the running event. if by midi or another solution must yet get figured out. it should be available next year as I was told

photo: highway patrol after speeding with 220kmh

   the audio2 collaboration is more and more getting exciting. especially by the results. in the beginning all participators were delivering lots of samples, sometimes even small musical units. and as we are 13 members in the current project there is quite something to check. a surprise at the edge: when can started 1968 becoming a band two friends of malcolm mooney also showed up in the inner space studio: zim and harki. when malcolm had left can one year later both friends also disappeared and nothing was to be heard from them - till now. after 32 years harki was writing me an email if she could participate in the audio2 project and very soon she delivered some wonderful spoken lyrics.
without letting u-she hear neither what harki had uploaded nor mentioning the old days she also started some lyrics and u-she wouldn't be the person she is without creating a kind of "secret relationship" activating her sixth sense as usual. both ladies don't know each other, never have seen each other and while I'm writing these lines none of them haven't yet heard how the combination of both lyrics is turning out. please check out two demos collabs

note: the la luna clip in visuals5 #49 got a new soundtrack.

cheers and bye for now 

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